RE:FRESH your 2017!

Do you feel REFRESHED or sluggish coming into 2017? I know for me, working over the holidays meant I didn’t really get to recharge my batteries, work was actually busier and having family over meant lots of adventures. (special offer below).

Juice cleanses have been around for a couple of years now, if you have been following me for a while you would know that it actually helped me to change my mindset on food and health. Rather than it giving me an opportunity to LOSE WEIGHT, it was more of a mindset shift where I came out of it WANTING to eat well.

That being said, I took to a cleanse for the New Year and I wanted to give YOU guys the opportunity to see how beneficial they are coming into a new year after such a busy Christmas period.

  • It RE:FRESH’s your mind, giving you a new outlook for the year
  • You realise that food is your friend, so for me, I make better choices going forward
  • It controls your appetite and cravings
  • Your body feels energised and rehydrated
  • It increases your mental clarity
  • It takes some pressure off your liver
  • It helps with gut health

In reality, yes it can make you lose a little bit of weight but it is not forever unless you continue with a healthy lifestyle.

So even though Juice cleanses have had a bad wrap in the past, if you are doing them for the RIGHT reasons, for your mind, then it’s a great way to help you in your journey.

I recommend the 3 day cleanse with RE:FRESH Juice + Cleanse, purchase HERE and you can also get half a kg of cherries FOR FREEEEE!!! Click the link and order a cleanse. No code needed. Offer is valid for deliveries from the 7th – 21st of Jan.

Come back TOMORROW for an even bigger offer…

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