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How many times do you open up your social media and see a gazillion people preaching to you about health and fitness?fitspo3



Pictured with my Fit Club Perth gals // Wearing Lululemon

Yeah, a lot! I am a real girl and I always have been, in the sense that I do actually like to keep it real on social media, mostly because realistically – working out for 2 hours a day IS in fact unrealistic for some of us. Don’t get me wrong, fitness is actually priority for a percentage of the world…the rest…we just want to stay fit and healthy but in short form.

I wanted to just give you my version of health and fitness…why I do what I do, what I do and how I keep it real for the most part.

WHY do I stay fit and healthy?

The FEELINGS, the EXPERIENCE and the MENTAL/EMOTIONAL help. You know that feeling when you have achieved a goal, ticked off something on your to do list, that grin from ear to ear because you just did something awesome? Add to that…the happy endorphins that flow through your body while the sweat is dripping from your chest. Yes, sometimes exercise SUCKS…but for the most part if you are working in a more fun way (Dance, with friends, in a park) then all of those things above are why I stay fit and healthy! Mentally, emotionally and physically – it keeps me in check!

What do I do to stay fit and healthy?

MEAL PREP, added to SCHEDULING and FUN exercise. FUN? Yes, fun! I work out in fun ways – granted there are days that I just hit the gym and work on weights, but I sure as hell make sure my playlist is the BEST it can be for that time. I try to find time at least once a day to work out, wait, I say work out I mean “move”, so if today I don’t get time to work out that’s OK, i’ll just go up and down those stairs 10 extra times today “to get water, or tea, or pee”. Easy! I also love meal prep, download the app YUMMLY – you will thank me for it! Find a meal to make on a Sunday and then individualise it in containers for each day!

Keep it real!

SCHEDULE TIME!!!!!!!! Yeah, alright, you see those motivational social media images “Get your ass to class” and “Three months from now you will thank yourself” and yes look, they are all great! But do we ACTUALLY listen to them? Not always. Most of the time I just roll my eyes and think…you know what…today I am going to eat a damn mars bar – shut the hell up with your quote! So here is my suggestion….
Schedule your time, get your diary out (if you don’t have one – get one) and write down what you want to do each week…here is an example

  • Sunday: Me time – have a treat
  • Monday: 20 minute weights session (hip hop playlist)
  • Tuesday: 1hr KONGA® class
  • Wednesday: 1hr KONGA® class – have a treat
  • Thursday: Me time – have a bath
  • Friday: Use the stairs more, go for a walk at lunch
  • Saturday: Try a new class, or Yoga, or quick gym session – WITH a friend/s!

How easy is that? Just switch it up from week to week so you don’t get bored!

Granted, I do the old #Fitspo hashtag all the time on my socials, but my #Fitspo is more about staying active, being happy, achieving a goal, doing what you love, eating well and in general being you. What’s your #Fitspo this week?

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