How to find PURPOSE in your life…

Have you ever had that “lost” feeling? I don’t mean, when your GPS has broken and you got so used to it that you have NO idea how to get to the shop down the road let alone an unknown place you have never been to before!!!!





I mean that lost feeling inside you. Feeling lost is a scary feeling, you feel like you have no purpose in your life and your direction is blurry. You just live each day the way you always have and not a whole lot changes.

You feel like the job you are in is pointless…it’s not helping anyone it’s just a job. Your hobbies outside of work are either non existent or in general…not what you really enjoy anymore. Your friends are growing up (or not) and maybe your ideas are the opposite direction of theirs and sometimes you drift apart. You are just eating…sleeping…working….

I have been there before, and I know a lot of you would have too. It’s a hard slog to get yourself out of that space, but the key is to find something that makes you spark. And perhaps people try too hard to find that spark that it’s even more disappointing when it doesn’t happen in a certain amount of time?

I asked myself some questions when I was feeling this way…to be honest I was seeing a counsellor at the time and i’ll tell you the truth…it may have helped…but I think I helped myself the most.

My Question: “What makes YOU happy?”

My answer, after I thought about it for a good few months, was that it had NOTHING to do with my job. My answer was simple and easy. And it stared at me every single day, I just had such a closed mind to it that I didn’t realise…you just need to discover and nurture who you truly are to understand exactly what it IS that’s YOUR answer.

I started thinking back to my life and exactly what it was that made me feel that spark and happiness?

Then it clicked…

My Answer: “To make OTHER people happy”

I know my answer is slightly strange, this is meant to be about me right? That’s just it! There are NO rules in this question…if making someone smile is MY purpose, then it’s mine only and nobody can tell me otherwise!

In hindsight, I thought about it some more. I was always looking for ways to help others, because making other people smile in turn makes me smile, and what is better than having that sense of achievement or giving someone else a smile? It’s like the best gift in the world!

Purpose doesn’t have to be a huge change in your life, it could be a slight shift. The beauty of purpose it that it’s yours. It can be as small as mine…or it can have an even bigger meaning!

My advice to you is to ask yourself this one question…then don’t rush your answer, let it marinate in your mind, when the time is right it will present itself to you. It’s also OK to doubt what you have been taught to believe also. Maybe you had an upbringing that was based on the fact that “Being a doctor was what will make you happy”. That may not be your sole purpose. Don’t think of it like your job – what TRULY makes YOU happy…not your parents…not your partner…not your friends….YOU!

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4 thoughts on “How to find PURPOSE in your life…

  1. Gail pick

    My purpose in life is being a mother watching and being so proud of my children as they walk their journey through life. My heart is so over whelmed with pride. Of course being a wife lover friend came first

    Everyday I am thankful for all the joy I receive from you all. And now I have my beautiful grandchildren to see grow , being a nanna just puts the icing on the cake xxx


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