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My biggest challenge…giving up food for 3 days and replacing my diet with cold pressed juice! I am the kind of person who says “Food is your friend” and have never been on a shake diet or thought it was necessary. I was a skeptic as I scoffed at most cleanses or detox diets because I really didn’t feel it was necessary. This year I HAVE taken on a healthier outlook on life, albeit, previously my lifestyle was all about getting as much food as I can into my mouth – didn’t care what it was!! Just fill my belly so I was happy.


In spite of my “cleanse fear”, I thrive on a challenge and Pure Glow Cleanse was willing to set the challenge for me.

2 days before the cleanse, I meticulously took the advice from Annette from PGC and cut out my caffeine intake, I also had no meat from Wednesday onwards and I ate very light meals, no sugar and limited salt – I didn’t want my stomach going crazy.

I started out day 1 with a pep in my step, the first juice Sunrise Elixir based on lemons, cucumber  and aloe. I spilt my juice one all down my clothes and car seat – go me haha. i’ll admit Juice 1, not my favourite. I don’t enjoy lemon a whole lot so even though this one was super refreshing and left a delicious after taste – I did struggle to get this one down. It does however perk you up ready for the day. (2 days after the cleanse though I am actually wanting to sip this juice again?)

Second juice Glowing Greens had a refreshing tang, It’s also more of a smoothie so you can chew a little. A whole bunch of Leafy Greens, Apple, Pear, Avocado, Parsley & Lemon. I did enjoy this one and I was hungry enough to finish it all – loved the avo in there.

Juice 3, the Green Guru was a little lemony again however the sweet red apples cut out the sour. Also in this juice is mint, cucumber, celery, cos & kale. By juice 3 I was starting to crave food…but I was determined to keep going through day 1!

Oh lovely Good Karma, juice number 4, I was certainly happy to see an orange juice to cut me away from the greens! I personally find this tastes like orange juice, which was great because I love orange juice, even though this has no orange in it – my mind playing tricks on me maybe? Carrot, Lemon, Apple, Ginger, Tumeric and Grapefruit.

I was hoping for a juice to suppress some of the cravings I was feeling (I was never really HUNGRY…I just really wanted to eat cheese?) Cucumber, Apple, Mint and Lime, I treated this as my ‘dinner’ as it did fill me up, then I counted down the next 2 hours with baited breath…

…for number 6, lovely Chai Vanilla Dream oh how I love you! This baby, I was sipping here and there because I needed something less juicy and more whole. I LOVE CHAI! Literally…could live off it forever. So this milky drink really did satisfy me for dessert, I speak highly of it, it was my favourite and I looked forward to it every night!! Brazil nut, almond, cashew, date, chai spice and vanilla – it’s a match made in heaven!

Day 1 was easy, I thought I could do this for weeks, I was a little lethargic at first and had a very slight headache for a little while as my body got used to it all. Day 2 was a tad harder and I was feeling a bit cranky by it all, night time I went to be early so I could stop thinking about food. Day 3 was probably the hardest day for me, I was on the home stretch so I thought about cheating on it a lot because “i was so close” but I stuck to it! Phew! It was hard, I will put my hands up and admit that this was something I personally thought I COULD NEVER do, but day 4 has me feeling great as I step back into my eating lifestyle with a very small breakfast. 2 days after the cleanse I am missing the juices? I feel like I want to have juice for breakfast instead of toast…toast has made me feel heavy the last 2 days now!

It actually was great for me because NOW I think “I can take on the world” or at least be healthier. I kind of wish I did this to start with in January when I decided on a better lifestyle, it sure as hell kicks you into gear and gets you ready…I feel like now I CAN go without certain foods, and I CAN be happy with a few more salads rather than McDonald’s!

Things to watch for and a few tips when on the PGC 3 day’er:

  1. I missed toast, cheese and cups of tea’s with milk, and it was purely taste, comfort and chewing based.
  2. I did get cranky here and there but I don’t have that gurgly feeling in my belly anymore, and I have lost a bit of weight too – BONUS.
  3. I did wee a LOT during this cleanse…for obvious reasons. Don’t take any long trips!
  4. HOWEVER having just the one kidney I know that the PGC would have helped to flush out any toxins, or especially chemicals that I had in my body (from working in a glasshouse).
  5. Don’t forget to have a few herbal tea’s and filtered water in between – warm tea helps and filtered water will flush out the toxins.
  6. People say stay away from food, the temptation is definitely there but at the same time, if you keep your goals clear and want to make a difference…you stick to it for that reason alone! I found smelling foods made me feel happy…I opened up the peanut butter jar a few times and had a good whiff! Bunnings sausage sizzle almost drove me crazy though…
  7. Take pictures of your progress and tag them on Instagram (details below) they LOVE to repost them and encourage you to keep going!! Hashtag #pureglowcleanse too and head over to other people – I gave a few others encouragement and they did the same, it was like a little cleansing community!
  8. Oh and EASE into day 4, 5 and 6 with light meals, do NOT hit the takeaway stands and ruin everything you just did. It also might make you feel incredibly sick. Lovely salads, cooked vegies and nutritious meals are best. (I don’t recommend rice, I had a lot of rice yesterday for dinner – stupid girl! Now all I want is a lovely Buddha juice!!!)

So, there you go, I made it! I am damn proud of myself. Pure Glow Cleanse really is a great kick to a healthy lifestyle, and the girls are truly amazing – they literally bounced out of their seats when I picked up my juices and told me “YOU CAN DO IT” as I left. Positivity surrounds these 2 and I left feeling damn good and determined! I didn’t want to let THEM or myself down.

Thinking of taking the plunge? Pure Glow Cleanse is ready and chilled for you, they can deliver to you or if like me, pick up. They have dates available you just need to send them an e-mail to enquire. They are Perth based and super excited to meet you – [email protected]

If you have any questions, just post them below, I’d be happy to answer them on my experience! Don’t forget – YOU CAN DO IT! High Fives all round!

Pure Glow Cleanse Website | Pure Glow Cleanse Facebook | Instagram: @pureglowcleanse

7 thoughts on “Pure Glow Cleanse

  1. kirsty

    LOL, bloody well done!!
    it sounds like something I could totally do, I have a tendency to be very controlling with my food and do not eat a lot of crap (a case of there not being much crap out here in the sticks) the only thing would be getting the juices in my hot little hands, do they fancy a road trip and a farm stay??? we will welcome them with open arms!!

  2. Lisa Mckenzie

    Good on you I have Never ever done a juice fast though usually have a smoothie for breakfast or lunch everyday I am not sure I could have juices for 3 or 4 days and I’m on medication so I don’t even know if I can can do one,but I bet your so proud of yourself I would be x

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