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Almost a year ago I kicked off a complete change in life…no it wasn’t the lemon detox diet, an unhealthy replacement diet, or fad diet. Who the hell wants to suck back on a lemon for a week?? Or starve yourself?? C’mon guy, I love food way too much!

Admittedly, I didn’t really know what I was doing, did I have to count calories? Because I’m not that good with numbers. I was getting sick a lot, I was in pain and I didn’t want to get surgery to find out what was wrong. I always thought being healthy was so hard. And as I researched I figured it really WAS so hard to “diet” – no wonder people hated it so much, HOW is it fun to measure all your food?? GOD FORBID you eat 6 cashew nuts and not 5!!!! Why make it so godamn hard? What the HELL was a Paleo diet??? Anyway…I did it my way because I thought to myself…what are the essential requirements to a healthy life? Ummm…eat well and exercise?? It’s basic common sense! Screw the diets!!

As I come up to December 2014, I wanted to put up my progress shots, I am a little nervous about uploading these photos but they’re really important to this story. The striped bikini (first and third) is December 2013 teetering on 60kgs, the other 2 are today at 51kgs. I know 60kgs is really not that big but for me it was the biggest I’d been and I didn’t appreciate the unhealthy status that came with it more than anything. I didn’t actually start this to lose this much weight, it was to get my digestive system up to scratch but I guess when you start cutting things out it naturally progresses…


Almost a year later, and I can’t actually remember the last time I was sick, and not having any pain has certainly been a breathe of fresh air. It’s the first time since 15 that I have felt normal! The fact that I don’t look at my legs in disgust, and that I even wear shorts is a total bonus to this way of life! The only downside is the amount of money I have spent on more clothes to fit me!

Summing this all up in my #lazygirlsguidetofitness I realised some key things here that you might want to take on board…the amount of people that ask me is overwhelming so having a spot on the blog to direct people to makes it easier.

I lost weight easily when I swapped foods/drinks
Soooooooo many people ask me “HOW” it’s very simple, just swap don’t stop, an effective campaign that had me changing my intake but still enjoying amazing food. You can read more about what I swap here.

Exercise became easier
I actually started to love exercising a lot more, I basically live in work out gear, I feel like it actually gets me up and moving. If you don’t have a Lorna Jane & Nike obsession like me, Kmart and Target have a cheaper range. You can read more about what work out gear I go to here, here and here.

I found it easy to say no to things
I was an advocate for a chocolate a day makes you happy, sorry but it doesn’t. I actually makes you worse. I broke my habit in a little over 3 weeks and it’s been pretty easy to continue saying no because of the “Swapping” method, i STILL indulge occasionally – just not every day. All I needed was something sweet, natural sweetness works just as good. Try something like this instead.

Use every day as your fitness
Every day life is an opportunity to move, common sense fitness is so easy – read more about it here.

Make music work for you
If there was no music in the world, I wouldn’t go running! There’s nothing better than blowing off the entire day by running on the beach, I need super fast music to keep me going – the latest playlist is here.

Small changes work, and I guess for me the biggest changes were cutting out a lot of bad food which included takeaway, soda, chocolate and in general all junk food because I ate…alot, and also actually moving my ass! It’s so simple, eat well, and move, screw counting calories, replacement diets, shakes, pills, it’s all a load of shit! If I can do it, the laziest girl in the world, anyone can! 🙂

Coming up next week are my pantry essentials…

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