Perth Adventure Bucket List

I often run out of time, time is such a precious thing, and the fact that most of us feel like we don’t have enough…that’s sad…right?

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Ellis Brook Quarry – Gosnells


I decided to change the way I do things…so if I am going from A to B (A meeting, on my way home or to work) I generally add a little time on top of my trip, mostly so that I can…”go the scenic route”. 9 times out of 10 I decide to take the long way somewhere just so I can explore or enjoy the view, take a mini adventure, stop off on the way to breathe the fresh air.

Adventures are timeless — it’s not about things, it’s about experiences and with that, adventures keep me grounded, humbled and snap me back into the person I am so I never forget where I came from.

After recent adventures with my buddy Mel I started to make an Adventure Bucket List, in which I will tick off places over the next year in Perth alone, on where I want to “take the scenic route” to.

A couple of tips for Adventure time…

  • Pack extra’s in your bag, I always take a spare change of clothes JUST in case. Leave in your car but always have a spare change of everything just in case you fall into a mud pile haha. (Has happened)
  • Bring water!
  • Bring snacks.
  • Wear appropriate clothing.
  • Have “bush” shoes that you do not mind getting dirty.
  • Tell someone where you are going.
  • Be snake wary – watch the ground as you walk.
  • Do not go alone!
  • Bring toilet paper JUST in case you get caught out needing to pee and there are no toilet facilities. (Has also happened!)
  • Bring a towel & bathers just in case there is a watering hole!

Perth’s Adventure Bucket List

  • Serpentine falls –  Falls Road, Jarrahdale
    The Serpentine National Park is approximately 55 kilometres southeast of Perth, a short walk to the falls, covered in a lot of greenery, perfect for summer but even more beautiful in winter!
  • Bells Rapids – Cathedral Ave, Brigadoon
    Out near the Swan Valley, it’s a great place to take your dogs for walks, with small pools of water as well as a flourishing river (in the winter) it’s a great place to explore!
  • Lesmurdie Falls – Lesmurdie Falls Carpark, Lesmurdie National Park
    The Mundy Regional Park is a regional park located on the western edge of the Darling Scarp, approximately 22 kilometres east of Perth, there are plenty of trails along Lesmurdie Falls – the perfect spot for your SQUAD to explore!
  • Churchman Brook –  96 Churchman Brook Rd, Bedfordale
    A earthfill embankment dam approximately 30 kilometres south east of Perth, Western Australia in the City of Armadale. There are BBQ’s on site so it’s a great picnic spot for families.
  • Ellis Brook Quarry –  Rushton Road, Gosnells
    A GOOD walk to get that heart rate up getting to the top, the walk down is pleasant with the blue quarry to look down to. You can also walk down and have a swim if you’re game enough!
  • Point Peron – Point Peron Road, Point Peron (Rockingham)
    The views are amazing, from clear blue waters with some amazing reef to snorkel, there’s also a look out, the beach is beautiful AND there’s a walking track. You can also run up the man made stairs when you’re “werkin on your fitness”.
  • John Forrest National Park – Railway Reserves heritage trail (Janebrook) – Peachey Rd x Swan View Road
    It’s a little bit of everything, bush walking, water and falls PLUS a really long old railway tunnel that’s pitch black (even a little scary!!)

These should keep you going across the Christmas Holidays, but if you love hearing about Perth Adventure spots, just hit me up in the comments below and i’ll continue to explore and give you the low down!!

Happy Adventure Time!!

6 thoughts on “Perth Adventure Bucket List

  1. Jenelle

    Oh my gosh I want to go to all of these places!!
    I have yet to explore any of these. I think that being adventurous is one of the coolest things that you can do. It challenges you, keeps your surroundings fresh and exciting and is sorta like travelling without the expenses.
    xx Jenelle


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