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I read through a few of my more personal posts this week, actually it was a friend that mentioned this one that made me go back and discover the road in which I had evolved. Not only did the image in that post make me gasp of embarrassment but the words that undeniably made me sound vulnerable and like a tiny little ant in this big scary world made me feel sad.

I updated the way I felt about this post HERE about a year ago, so I made a promise to myself to update how I am every now and then to impact my self worth but also maybe to give you guys a sense of push in the right direction to achieving your goals (internally).

What you see:
Nothing to do with health and fitness….

In reality:
May 2013 – That’s because I am very unhealthy, I am sick every few weeks, I don’t exercise and I eat a whole lot of bad things. I have 1 kidney and I barely drink a drop of water!

EDIT September 2014 – OK So I am no expert, and I don’t go to the gym 3 times a week BUT with my own #lazygirlsguidetofitness I have gone from a size 12 – size 8 and I am the healthiest I have been by making small and effective changes in my life! I drink more water, I swap my foods and my intake and I use everyday things as my exercise. The blog explores so many more health and fitness posts now, and to be completely honest with you the BLOG is probably what saved me from that knife that would cut me open to explore my insides, eww! Big tick Adelle…BIG TICK!!

EDIT June 2015 – All of the above (from September 2014) is still applicable, except I DO go to the gym a lot more and I have kicked up my intensity of working out, because it makes me feel good. That being said…I don’t make myself feel guilty by not going to the gym 5 times a week or doing some kind of fitness. It’s all about balance! NB: I have been “properly” sick maybe twice in the last year? That’s pretty much the best achievement I have had in my life – ever!


What you see:
Laid back, stress free and so down to earth.

In reality:
May 2013 – I stress over every little thing, even tiny comments on the blog that may be negative. I second guess myself, I get so stressed about tiny things that I end up getting really sick, in fact I got shingles last year again because of stress. If I have a sponsored post to get ready for the blog, I think about it for weeks and if I don’t give that sponsor constant updates I get worried that they will think I am slacking off. I put a lot of pressure on myself, for no reason at all!

EDIT September 2014Who the hell is this girl above? Umm snap out of it loser!! Positivity is the key, and I know we can’t be positive about everything, and I do have my down days (oh yes indeed, I had one SUNDAY!!), but majority of the time I AM laid back and down to earth now. Stress makes you sick, and *knock on wood* sickness has been few and far in the last year for me! All that guff above, wow, I can’t even comment on, that is so not who I am anymore! It’s like staring at a sentence that someone else typed!

EDIT June 2015 – Stress for me these days is based on having no time, but I am continually trying to balance that out and add into my diary “free time” where I do something that isn’t blog or work related. Albeit this is hard for me to do because I am not exactly your advocate for relaxing these days, forced TV time is always on my agenda though. So laid back and down to earth is still instilled into my body…but I am more planned with how I deal with work and the blog. Also, this response is so much more mature of me – who am I? haha


What you see:
I don’t care about what people think of the way I act or how I do things.

In Reality:
May 2013 – I bottle up all my thoughts, I don’t speak to anyone about them, and I care probably more than anyone about what people think of me. SAYING I don’t care is only convincing everyone around me, it doesn’t convince me at all. This is why I am so sarcastic and have a comedic streak, if I can laugh at myself then I feel better if people are laughing at me.

EDIT September 2014I literally do not care anymore about what people think of me. Quite honestly, if you don’t like it, move along. I may be slightly immature at times, but I can be serious when it’s needed, let’s take a stand here for a minute, the way I AM is the way I always HAVE BEEN, and it makes me the person that I have grown into, if I decided one day to be super mature, I would be kidding myself. I dance, I laugh, I sing and I crack jokes constantly…I have a dirty mind, I love to see people laugh (especially if I made them laugh) and I will continue to try to be the clown. The people that stick around to put up with me (or maybe just enjoy my company – who knows why they do lol) are CLEARLY worth my time, and I am happy with who is in my life so, rock on sista! (Yeah, I fist bumped my own fists)

EDIT June 2015 – I honestly feel like my immaturity is now coming across as sincerity, because from what I have achieved means I am quite mature in situations. However, my child like nature is seen as just me having fun (not being mutton dressed as lamb – that would be a tragedy). And there’s nothing wrong with that. I still do not care about what people think of me, I just do what I want within reason. Let’s just say my reactions and actions are a lot more methodical.


Maybe reminders every now and then are what people need to stay focused and level headed. Going through my responses over the last 3 years, it’s obvious that the last year has been a lot more mature and regimented without sacrificing my comedic views and playful character.

TIP: My advice to you is write down your own “mini survey”, if you don’t have a blog then write it somewhere to remind yourself of your internal achievements every 6 months. I have grown so much in the last few years that sometimes I get scared because certain things in my life are SO different that I don’t know how to deal with them. But growth should be celebrated because right now, at (almost) 33 – the last 3 years of my 30’s has been the biggest change even more so than the last 30!

Embrace who you are…and don’t hold back how you feel…if it means that you out grow some things in your life then let it happen.

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  1. Megan

    Thank you delly! Love this post and love seeing you grow and embrace the amazing you that we all see. Very proud of you, all you continue to do and the exciting things that surely await you xx


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