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I have been involved in the MANY 6160 retail area for a few weeks now and have been discovering so many amazing shops because of it. One in particular Peaches n Clean, a 100% natural product for your body. Katrina (maker/owner) started the brand because she couldn’t find anything that would work for her, having eczema – every product she tried, flared it up!

As an aromatherapist and cosmetic chemistry student, Katrina HAND MAKES all of her products for Peaches n Clean in small batches, mixed by hand, to ensure the therapeutic properties of the ingredients remain. I have tried a bunch of Peaches n Clean already and have always been impressed by the quality of the product.


The soaps are beautifully scented with aromatherapy oils and have continued to make my bathroom smell amazing, my favourite, the rose water which is my favourite scent of all time. The candles are the same, and burn forever! This weekend I tried the perfume which is an oil based perfume with a small roller to place behind your ears and your wrists. I put some on Saturday at the Blogger Emporium and it stayed with me even as i slept I could still smell beautiful patchouli in my slumber.


The creme de la creme though…coffee scrub! I can’t even explain how good this stuff is. The super fine coffee granules are amazing, and you guys know how I feel about coffee scrubs LOVE it, helps with circulation and cellulite so it’s a win win. After application, your skin is so supple – like a babies bum! I have the lotion and I am yet to try it…but I can guarantee i’ll be raving about that pretty soon too!

So…conclusion on Peaches n Clean is that I am in love, and I am only too happy to add this range to my regime…natural, beautiful and amazing – it’s everything you need!! If you want to relish in this amazing brand then click HERE to find out where everything is stocked. Fall deeply in love like me…then tell me all about it!!

One thought on “Peaches and Clean

  1. Raychael aka Mystery Case

    I’ve been a huge fan of peaches and clean for a little while now. I discovered them when Many 6160 first opened as Myre. I love their coffee scrub but I honestly haven’t noticed any real difference with my cellulite but I do have a lot of cellulite to work it at the moment.


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