Things that I do that probably everyone else does too but I think it’s just me that does it?


Rather long title right? I feel like…I had a week off work, Easter was damn good, I may have eaten a little too much and fell off the health AND blog bandwagon so it’s time to ease back into it again with some general knowledge on life… Continue Reading

Blogography – The Blogger’s guide to Photography



Photographer first, Graphic Designer second, Blogger third, this was how my ‘careers’ were numbered not so many years ago, but with time, they have slowly realigned. Photography has been a BIG part of my life, since I was 8, in fact I feel like it has set me up to take my place in the blogging world. I was a professional photographer for well over 10 years, shooting weddings, portraits and eventually fashion. Continue Reading

Pure Glow Cleanse


My biggest challenge…giving up food for 3 days and replacing my diet with cold pressed juice! I am the kind of person who says “Food is your friend” and have never been on a shake diet or thought it was necessary. I was a skeptic as I scoffed at most cleanses or detox diets because I really didn’t feel it was necessary. This year I HAVE taken on a healthier outlook on life, albeit, previously my lifestyle was all about getting as much food as I can into my mouth – didn’t care what it was!! Just fill my belly so I was happy.


In spite of my “cleanse fear”, I thrive on a challenge and Pure Glow Cleanse was willing to set the challenge for me.

2 days before the cleanse, I meticulously took the advice from Annette from PGC and cut out my caffeine intake, I also had no meat from Wednesday onwards and I ate very light meals, no sugar and limited salt – I didn’t want my stomach going crazy.

I started out day 1 with a pep in my step, the first juice Sunrise Elixir based on lemons, cucumber  and aloe. I spilt my juice one all down my clothes and car seat – go me haha. i’ll admit Juice 1, not my favourite. I don’t enjoy lemon a whole lot so even though this one was super refreshing and left a delicious after taste – I did struggle to get this one down. It does however perk you up ready for the day. (2 days after the cleanse though I am actually wanting to sip this juice again?)

Second juice Glowing Greens had a refreshing tang, It’s also more of a smoothie so you can chew a little. A whole bunch of Leafy Greens, Apple, Pear, Avocado, Parsley & Lemon. I did enjoy this one and I was hungry enough to finish it all – loved the avo in there.

Juice 3, the Green Guru was a little lemony again however the sweet red apples cut out the sour. Also in this juice is mint, cucumber, celery, cos & kale. By juice 3 I was starting to crave food…but I was determined to keep going through day 1!

Oh lovely Good Karma, juice number 4, I was certainly happy to see an orange juice to cut me away from the greens! I personally find this tastes like orange juice, which was great because I love orange juice, even though this has no orange in it – my mind playing tricks on me maybe? Carrot, Lemon, Apple, Ginger, Tumeric and Grapefruit.

I was hoping for a juice to suppress some of the cravings I was feeling (I was never really HUNGRY…I just really wanted to eat cheese?) Cucumber, Apple, Mint and Lime, I treated this as my ‘dinner’ as it did fill me up, then I counted down the next 2 hours with baited breath…

…for number 6, lovely Chai Vanilla Dream oh how I love you! This baby, I was sipping here and there because I needed something less juicy and more whole. I LOVE CHAI! Literally…could live off it forever. So this milky drink really did satisfy me for dessert, I speak highly of it, it was my favourite and I looked forward to it every night!! Brazil nut, almond, cashew, date, chai spice and vanilla – it’s a match made in heaven!

Day 1 was easy, I thought I could do this for weeks, I was a little lethargic at first and had a very slight headache for a little while as my body got used to it all. Day 2 was a tad harder and I was feeling a bit cranky by it all, night time I went to be early so I could stop thinking about food. Day 3 was probably the hardest day for me, I was on the home stretch so I thought about cheating on it a lot because “i was so close” but I stuck to it! Phew! It was hard, I will put my hands up and admit that this was something I personally thought I COULD NEVER do, but day 4 has me feeling great as I step back into my eating lifestyle with a very small breakfast. 2 days after the cleanse I am missing the juices? I feel like I want to have juice for breakfast instead of toast…toast has made me feel heavy the last 2 days now!

It actually was great for me because NOW I think “I can take on the world” or at least be healthier. I kind of wish I did this to start with in January when I decided on a better lifestyle, it sure as hell kicks you into gear and gets you ready…I feel like now I CAN go without certain foods, and I CAN be happy with a few more salads rather than McDonald’s!

Things to watch for and a few tips when on the PGC 3 day’er:

  1. I missed toast, cheese and cups of tea’s with milk, and it was purely taste, comfort and chewing based.
  2. I did get cranky here and there but I don’t have that gurgly feeling in my belly anymore, and I have lost a bit of weight too – BONUS.
  3. I did wee a LOT during this cleanse…for obvious reasons. Don’t take any long trips!
  4. HOWEVER having just the one kidney I know that the PGC would have helped to flush out any toxins, or especially chemicals that I had in my body (from working in a glasshouse).
  5. Don’t forget to have a few herbal tea’s and filtered water in between – warm tea helps and filtered water will flush out the toxins.
  6. People say stay away from food, the temptation is definitely there but at the same time, if you keep your goals clear and want to make a difference…you stick to it for that reason alone! I found smelling foods made me feel happy…I opened up the peanut butter jar a few times and had a good whiff! Bunnings sausage sizzle almost drove me crazy though…
  7. Take pictures of your progress and tag them on Instagram (details below) they LOVE to repost them and encourage you to keep going!! Hashtag #pureglowcleanse too and head over to other people – I gave a few others encouragement and they did the same, it was like a little cleansing community!
  8. Oh and EASE into day 4, 5 and 6 with light meals, do NOT hit the takeaway stands and ruin everything you just did. It also might make you feel incredibly sick. Lovely salads, cooked vegies and nutritious meals are best. (I don’t recommend rice, I had a lot of rice yesterday for dinner – stupid girl! Now all I want is a lovely Buddha juice!!!)

So, there you go, I made it! I am damn proud of myself. Pure Glow Cleanse really is a great kick to a healthy lifestyle, and the girls are truly amazing – they literally bounced out of their seats when I picked up my juices and told me “YOU CAN DO IT” as I left. Positivity surrounds these 2 and I left feeling damn good and determined! I didn’t want to let THEM or myself down.

Thinking of taking the plunge? Pure Glow Cleanse is ready and chilled for you, they can deliver to you or if like me, pick up. They have dates available you just need to send them an e-mail to enquire. They are Perth based and super excited to meet you – [email protected]

If you have any questions, just post them below, I’d be happy to answer them on my experience! Don’t forget – YOU CAN DO IT! High Fives all round!

Pure Glow Cleanse Website | Pure Glow Cleanse Facebook | Instagram: @pureglowcleanse

Healthy Living Pantry Essentials

We interrupt this Wednesday Wish List with a very important “Local Love” announcement…
I stumbled across the Vegan Sparkles website (click here) a month ago and since, I have been trialing out healthy living AND healthy recipe’s (like cherry ripe smoothie, apple crumble and mexican street corn!!!!) which ALL recipe’s just so happen to be GOOD for you and are vegan. Now, I am not a vegan…being married to a butcher it’s hard to cut out meat however these vegan recipe’s definitely help to bring a healthy lifestyle into play for you. Founder, Rebecca Wellers, a lovely Perth (healthy living) saint, takes over the blog today as she discusses the pantry essentials to a healthier lifestyle.

RebeccaWeller_HighRes_02 cropped (1)

Rebecca Weller is a Holistic Health Coach passionate about helping women transition to happier, healthier living, re-ignite their sparkle, and fall in love with life again. She writes for various on-line health and wellness magazines such as MindBodyGreen and One Green Planet, provides one-on-one health coaching, hosts wellness events, is the author of ‘Eating for Energy’ and creator of ‘The Sparkle Project’ – both available from her wellness site

Have you ever felt amazing after eating packaged, processed food?  Me neither. Food is energy and everything we eat becomes part of our bodies at a cellular level. It affects our looks, moods, thoughts, sleep, and energy levels. So it’s vital for our quality of life and overall happiness to eat great food.  But where to start? Whether you’re completely at a loss as to where to begin or just need some help getting back on track, these steps will help you overhaul your kitchen and plant you firmly on a journey towards that happy, healthy lifestyle you truly crave.


1. Clear the clutter! 
Clutter zaps your energy, slows you down, and keeps you trapped. Schedule an hour or so to give your pantry, fridge and kitchen cupboards a spring clean.  Pump your favourite tunes and get down to business. Donate or recycle anything that no longer serves you: appliances you no longer use and containers you never liked. Having a funky, well-organised kitchen will inspire you to use it more and to get excited about the magic of home-cooking and nourishing yourself.

If you’re serious about creating a healthy new lifestyle, also purge your kitchen of all junk food offenders.  If it doesn’t promote health, donate or get rid of it.  Be a food detective and read the labels of everything in your pantry. If it contains artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours, preservatives, or any ingredients you can’t pronounce, it’s outta there!  The more you stay committed to whole, natural foods and simple ingredients, the healthier you’ll be.  Kick packaged, processed foods to the kerb, and watch your energy levels sky-rocket!

2. Re-stock Revolution!
Now that your kitchen is all shiny and organised, it’s time to bring in the good stuff! Head to your local farmers market and stock up on as many wholesome goodies as you can. Think beautiful, juicy fruits, fresh herbs and crisp vegetables the colours of the rainbow. Show your pantry some love too, stocking it up with dried herbs & spices, beans, nuts, lentils and whole grains, so you can whip up a great meal at a moment’s notice.

Buying great quality food doesn’t need to be expensive.  Save money by buying fresh food in season, and buying pantry staples in bulk.  Stores like Loose Produce and Kakulas Bros offer great bulk discounts and encourage you to bring and fill your own containers and glass mason jars.

Remember to only choose healthy foods you actually like. There are plenty of healthy options that will make you feel amazing without you having to force yourself to eat foods that don’t excite you. Creating a healthy lifestyle is not about deprivation or punishment – it’s about building great, lasting habits and creating a life you love.


3. Organisation is key, baby! 
Streamline wherever possible. Plan your meals for the week ahead so there’s less temptation for take-aways and fewer trips to the supermarket, freeing up precious time, energy and money. Make a double serve of rice/quinoa for dinner and save half to bulk up your salad the next day. Prepare parts of your meals and snacks ahead of time, so you’re not tempted to reach for junk. Fresh fruit, veg and herbs keep really well when chopped and stored in airtight containers in the fridge. Invest in a groovy lunchbox and containers to encourage you to pack your own.

4. Keep it simple. 
Complicated meals can wait until you’re sparkling all over the place. I’m a huge fan of Buddha Bowls because they’re fast, simple and delicious – especially if you’ve already prepped most of the ingredients. You can throw any combination of your favourite, healthy ingredients into a bowl and be completely nourished and satisfied. They’re a great way to make being healthy fun and easy until you get the hang of the new lifestyle and it becomes second nature. Then you can experiment with more elaborate meals and ideas.

Try the simple, nourishing recipes in my Eating for Energy eBook, or build your own:

Satisfying Salads
Start with leafy greens + any salad veg you like (or even grilled or roasted veg from dinner the night before) + any combination of whole grains, beans or lentils, nuts, seeds, herbs or spices + dressing.

Buddha Bowls
Start with a bed of whole grains or lentils + grilled or roasted veg + any combination of beans, nuts, lentils, seeds, herbs or spices + avocado + dressing.

Sensational Stir-Fries
Start with a bed of whole grains + your favourite, crunchy vegetables + any combination of nuts, seeds, herbs or spices.


Want the simplest meal planner and shopping list ever? Check out this handy tool from the Eating for Energy eBook.  Circle your favourite foods in each of the sections (or add your own), head to the market and stock up.  Then mix and match the ingredients to create salads, buddha bowls and stir-fries all week. Job done!

You can also find Rebecca on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram.

Green Smoothie Froyo



froyo3My obsession with frozen yoghurt is disgusting…sneaking off at lunch time to head down to the local froyo joint to fill up $12 worth of sugary delight and chocolate snacks into a bucket to devour in 5 minutes flat! I had to make an alternative because this obsession was just getting out of hand!! Continue Reading

Choosing cruelty-free…

I started this post about a week ago in an angry state, it was really quite negative, out casting certain brands about animal testing, but after careful consideration I have taken a positive approach instead… Continue Reading

Perth gets artistic! #140art


My artistic painting abilities have been non existent for quite some time now…photography and graphic design seems to take over in the way of my full time job instead! But something inside me flickers when I see amazing artwork…the great artistic leaders, Andy Warhol, Picasso and Dali or my personal favourite Ralph Steadman and Banksy are just a few that I look up to. There is something about local young artists though that makes me feel giddy…they followed their dream, their passion. Artists are being recognised for so many things now rather than just canvas and sculpture work, and with thanks to 140Perth these local artists were given the chance to showcase their work – alongside retailers!

Continue Reading

Perth Op Shops FULL LIST!

So I put up my list a couple of weeks ago…with what Op Shops I have been to, it was over half this full list (taken from so I decided to put the full list of Perth Op Shops up so you can tick off your own list!!

If you see any that are NOT on this list please comment below or e-mail me [email protected] OR you know that some of these are closed down 🙂



The Pink Room, 31 Ardross St Applecross


Vinnies Armadale Centre, 13/47 William Street ARMADALE

Good Sammy, 40 Fouth Road, Armadale


Good Sammy’s Balcatta, 10 / 257 Balcatta Rd

Balcatta Salvos, 207 Balcatta Road, Balcatta


Ballajura Salvos, Shop 32-33 Illawarra Crescent, Ballajura


Bassendean Salvos, 22 Old Perth Road, Bassendean

Vinnies Bassendean Centre, 11 Old Perth Road BASSENDEAN


Belmont Salvos, 11/199 Abernethy Road, Belmont

Good Sammy’s Belmont, 8 / 199 Abernethy Road

Vinnies Belmont Centre, 3A/171 Abernethy Road

Belmont Anglicare , 9/199 Abernethy Road, Belmont

Bibra Lake

Society Store, BIBRA LAKE Unit 1, 2 Port Kembla Drive

Rags to Riches Op Shop, 16 Port Kembla Drive Bibra Lake

Bibra Lake Salvos, 28 Port Kembla Drive Bibra Lake WA


Brighton Salvos, 5 Kingsbridge Road,Butler

Butler Salvos, 5 Kingsbridge Road, Butler


Vinnies Kwinana Centre, 3 Calista Avenue MEDINA

Canning Vale

Good Sammy’s Canning Vale (Sth Street), Cnr South Street & Bannister Road

Good Sammy’s Canning Vale, 33-35 Bannister Road (Cnr Magnet Rd

Canning Vale Salvos, 2A/256 Bannister Road , Canning Vale


Good Sammy’s Cannington, 3 / 1440 Albany Hwy

Cannington Salvos, 1299 Albany Highway, Cannington


Good Sammy’s Osborne Park, 3 / 320 Selby St 6017


Vinnies Claremont Centre, 26 Ashton Avenue CLAREMONT, WA , 6010


Ocean Keys Salvos, 6/35 Ocean Keys Blvd Clarkson, Clarkson WA 6030

Vinnies Clarkson Centre, Shop 1/5 Ebb Way CLARKSON, WA , 6030

Good Sammy’s Clarkson, 7 / 61 Key Largo Drive 6030


Starick Op Shop, 9 Love Street


Shop 21/80 Coolbellup Ave. Coolbellup. WA. 6163. Phone (08)9331-2227


Craigie Salvos, Shop 12 Craigie Plaza Shopping Centre, Eddystone Ave,


Second Chances Op Shop, Unit 3/435 Lord Street


Good Sammy’s Dianella, 51 Walter Rd


Duncraig Red Cross, 10/50 Marri Rd Duncraig

East Victoria Park

East Victoria Park , 911 Albany Highway

Vinnies Victoria Park Centre, 824 Albany Highway

Nulsen Op Shop, 907 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park

Good Sammy’s East Victoria Park, 818 Albany Hwy


Ellenbrook Salvos, Shop 1, Woodlake Village Shopping Centre, Sunray Circle,


Forrestfield Salvos, Forrestfield Forum Shop 33, 20 Strelitzia Ave


Good Sammy, 142 High St,

Anglicare, 181 High Street,

Boutique Unique, 197 High Street,


Fremantle Salvos, 3/5 Josephson Street,

Fremantle Red Cross, 37 Market Street


Vinnies Retro Fremantle Centre, Shop 2/142 High Street


Vinnies Girrawheen, Shop 39, Newpark Shopping Centre

Good Sammy’s Girrawheen, Shop 20, 64 Marangaroo Dve


Gosnells Salvos, 23A Gosnells Shopping Complex 2158 Albany Highway,

Vinnies Gosnells Centre, Unit 6/2155 Albany Highway

Good Sammy’s Gosnells, 2288 Albany Highway


Greenwood Salvos, 3/10 Canham Way,

Hamilton Hill

Hamilton Hill Red Cross, Hamilton Hill Shopping Centre,

7-9 Rockingham Road. Hamilton Hill.


Vinnies Heathridge Centre, 5/89 Caridean Street HEATHRIDGE, WA , 6027


Whitford Salvos, 3/37 Endeavour Road


Vinnies Innaloo Centre, 12 Morris Place


Good Sammy’s Joondalup, 2 / 143 Grand Boulevard 6027

Joondalup Salvos, 2/116 Winton Road


Kelmscott Anglicare, Unit 1/227 Railway Avenue

Lifeline, 255 Railway Avenue

Kelmscott Salvos, 227 Railway Avenue


St Martin in the Fields Op Shop, 53 Brandon Street (corner Brandon and Vista Streets)


Kenwick Salvos, 8/1808 Albany Highway


Maddington Anglicare, 80 Attfield Street


Malaga Salvos, Unit 5/58 Crocker Dve


Southcare Op Shop, 54 Bickley Crescent


Maylands Salvos, 203 Guildford Road

Vinnies Maylands Centre, 46 Eighth Avenue

Middle Swan

St Richards Op Shop, Great Northern hwy


Good Sammy, 3 164-168 Great Eastern Hwy

Midland Anglicare, 360 Great Eastern Highway

Midland Salvos, 284 Great Eastern Highway

Vinnies Midland Centre, 285 Great Eastern Highway

Save The Children – Midland, 8B The Crescent


Mirrabooka Salvos, Unit 6/9 Cobbler Place

RSPCA Society Store, 20 Cobbler Place


Morley Salvos, 156 Russell Street

Morley Anglicare, 129 Russell Street

Mosman Park

Mosman Park, 600 Stirling Highway

Mt Hawthorn

Mount. Hawthorn Salvos, 139 Buxton St

Daughters of Charity OP Shop, 421-423 Oxford Street

Mt Hawthorn, 19-21 Green Street


Pre loved clothing shop, 19 Scaphella Avenue


Mundaring Salvos, 7195 Great Eastern Highway


Save The Children – Myaree, Unit 9, 67 McCoy Street

Vinnies Myaree Centre, Unit 4/67 McCoy Street


Vinnies Nollamara Centre, Shop 61, Nollamara Shopping Centre Nollamara Avenue

North Perth

North Perth Red Cross, 428 Fitzgerald St


Vinnies Retro Northbridge Centre, 267B William Street


Vinnies Hilton Centre, Shop 5/352 South Street

Osborne Park

Osborne Park Salvos, 2/320 Selby Street

Vinnies Clothing & Furniture Depot, 59 Edward Street

Vinnies Osborne Park Centre, 59 Edward Street


O’Connor Salvos, 354A South Street


Society Store, 59 Carrington Street


Good Sammy’s Kwinana, 46 Meares Ave 6167


Good Sammy, 116 Murray St

Perth City Salvos, 119 Barrack Street

Good Sammy, 381 Murray Street

Vinnies North Perth Centre, 215 Bulwer Street

Port Kennedy

Salvos – Port Kennedy, 23 Saltaire Way

Society Store, Unit 3, 1-5 Sunlight Drive


Kwinana Salvos, Units 9 & Pt 11, 40 Meares Rd


Vinnies Rivervale Centre, 110 Kooyong Road


Rockingham Beach Salvos, 6 Patterson Road

Good Sammy’s Rockingham, 12/8 Livingstone Rd

Vinnies Furniture Depot, 17 Hurrell Way

Vinnies Rockingham Centre, Unit 15 Rockingham City Commercial Centre, Livingstone Road


Scarborough, 166 Scarborough Beach Road

Scarborough Red Cross, 164A Scarborough Beach Rd

Vinnies Scarborough Centre, Unit 3/160 Scarborough Beach Road


Shoalwater Red Cross, Shop 14, Shoalwater Shopping Centre

South Fremantle

Fremantle, 272 South Terrace

South Lake

Good Sammy’s South Lake , Lakes Shopping Centre, Cnr North Lake & Omeo Roads

Lakes Shopping Centre, 39/620 North Lake Road

Southern River

Southern River Salvos, Shop 1 Bristle Avenue, Southern River Centre

Salvos, Bristle Ave


Subiaco Boutique Salvos, 68A Rowland Street

Good Sammy’s Subiaco, 28 Rokeby Rd


Gateways Salvos, Showroom 7 Southgate Commercial


Good Sammy’s Thornlie, Shop 42 Thornlie Square S/C, Cnr Spencer Rd & Thornlie Ave

Tuart Hill

Save The Children – Tuart Hill, 77 Wanneroo Road

Two Rocks

Yanchep / Two Rocks Red Cross, Shop 4, Two Rocks Shopping Centre

Victoria Park

Victoria Park Salvos, 408 Albany Highway


Waikiki Salvos, Stargate Shopping Centre. 78 Charterhouse Road


Wangara Salvos, Unit 6, 2 Prindiville Drive


Vinnies Wanneroo Centre, 1/925 Wanneroo Road

Wanneroo Salvos, 10 Rocca Way


Vinnies Wembley Centre, 334 Cambridge Street


Willagee Red Cross, 1B/62 Archibald St


Good Sammy’s Willetton, 4 / 147 High Rd

Willetton Salvos, 165 High Street


South Lakes Salvos, Shop 39 Lakes Shopping Centre,620 North Lake Road


Perth Op Shops – my tick off list!

I use a couple of Perth Op Shop list guides on the internet, however a LOT of them are out-dated and I find myself looking at the front of something that isn’t in fact a Vinnies that was listed after I just took the half an hour drive! So I am in the process of compiling a list myself…. Continue Reading


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