Overcoming Fitness Intimidation in 5 steps!

I realised that only a few years ago, I too was completely intimidated by the fitness industry…


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However after years of trying new classes, working as an instructor and also just biting the bullet and joining a Gym back in 2014, the fear kind of just melted away. I totally get it though, it’s an industry that I guess we all feel judged in right?

Every time i am at the gym though i notice people are a lot older than me, they are also a lot younger than me! They are fitter, more toned than me, and then some are a few dress sizes bigger than me! There are also people not knowing what to do with dumbbells let alone a massive machine, and then you get the buffs who go all out and know everything!

There’s also the fact that we are all levelling up our fitness for different reasons, weight gloss, weight gain, muscle gain, definition, general health and well being, energy levels…we ALL have a goal! But…that’s just it right? We ALL have a goal, that is ONE thing we all have in common!

So to help you gain the confidence to either join a gym, or go to your first class or EVEN just don some fitness gear and go walking…consider these things…

    Hey Nike didn’t make that their slogan for no reason. If you want to overcome your fear, the first thing is, to just book a PT session, get a gym membership, try a class!
    Fitness with friends helps BIG TIME, even if it’s just for a couple of weeks to get into it, having a support person can motivate you to go. Bringing a friend is GREAT for classes and group fitness!
    Find a gym that works 24/7, Jetts is a great choice as they offer free classes, nutrition sessions, PT lessons and also after hours workouts! Go at a time that not a lot of people will be there, start it off that way and work your way to a more peak time!
    Head into your gym after you get your membership, get on a treadmill or a bike, and WATCH. Watch how others use the equipment, if you’re confident enough ASK people to help.
    Here is my favourite tip, simply because it involves my own videos! I am working towards stamping out intimidation in gyms and with equipment. So, more recently on my Instagram @wherethestyledthingsare you may have seen a LOT of 1-UP video’s, this is just 1 piece of equipment for a quick round up in a video. It’s teaching you HOW to use equipment and be resourceful! Head to insta and check them out. I will also be bringing in how-to’s and additional information!

One more thing from me…IF you are feeling low in confidence, self esteem, feeling overwhelmed….SEND ME A MESSAGE! I love helping people gain confidence, so please do not hesitate, my hand is open and I am willing to give you a boost.

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