How I ruined Oprah!

All was quiet as Oprah gave her own interesting analogy using a goose as the topic of conversation, I am so intrigued that I sit back, relax, take some notes and listen.





Next minute I hear a duck quacking and I think about how weird it was for them to use sound effects at this particular moment, in fact, I felt it was a bit inappropriate. And then I realised what time it was, 9pm, time for my nightly stretches (you know, to help with that small goal I spoke about a little while ago to touch my toes) my mind ticked over for a few seconds then I reached down to my phone in my bag and realised…that quacking….that was my alarm. And in an effort to be nonchalant about it I said “SHIT” loudly and people around me just glared like I was ruining their Oprah experience. She is the queen after all. How bloody dare I!

Had to laugh though…considering a duck was quacking with the whole goose analogy happening…pretty convenient.

Duck duck goose aside, I had a really positive experience on Monday night, Swisse (Oprah’s official sponsor) invited me along to dinner and “An evening with Oprah”, and admittedly I may not have gone if it wasn’t for them so a massive thanks for that one Swisse!

I have read reviews on this and unfortunately, a lot of people gave negative feedback but for me, I feel like if you have an open mind or are going through something then you are more inclined to listen and take something away from it. Positive minds are open to hearing more where as if you close your mind off and you are thinking negatively – sometimes it’s completely blocked and no thoughts can enter your mind.

So I wrote down some things to reflect on in the midst of all of this, and Oprah really is just a nice lady with some great thoughts to pass on. She thinks very much like me, especially when she said “Purpose is what you do EVERY SINGLE DAY and who you connect with – not what you do for a job” BINGO! What YOU do every day, the way you smile at someone, when you compliment a friend or even a stranger, how you interact with others, girlfriend – that is purpose right there! Why are we so hell bent on earning a million bucks a year and being “successful” in our careers when we can enrich our lives with making others smile – no matter what that is?

The biggest thing that clicked with me was her analogy on threads…everybody has a thread and that stays with you even at a young age, your job is to figure that thread out. For me I really thought about this on my way home, at the ages of around 2 – 12 I was on the stage all of the time, if not for ballet and dance it was for playing the piano – mostly though, I loved the stage and I loved being up there and being the centre of attention. I never feared it. From about 19 onwards I wanted to dance again SO much, but fear pulled me back, I lost my confidence considerably after a few things that happened in my life around that time.

Only recently I have been feeling the same again, what’s my purpose? What the hell am I doing? Where am I going? Why isn’t graphic design working for me, why is the blog suffering, where is my life headed? Funnily enough, I have failed a lot lately but I realise that surrendering to these failures is NOT giving up…it’s simply letting go and opening up avenues to find what you are great at. Oprah said loud and proud “Failure is your greatest teacher!” and every single time I have failed, I either learnt from it OR I made way for greater things – or even better I got both things out of it! I am not afraid to fail as much anymore because I realise that bigger things are to come out of it. Even when I was being sexually harassed at a work place, at the time it was awful, but now, I am all about being treated right and I stick up for myself!

This year I feel like my confidence came streaming back, and now, I am going to be back on the stage again instructing Konga for The Jungle Body. At the end of the day, THIS makes me feel like me, I was kidding myself that everything else that I was trying to do was just a reflection of what I thought was what other people wanted.

I all of a sudden was gobsmacked about this thread theory…I ACTUALLY HAVE A THREAD GUYS!!! We all do! And I figured it out just by hearing Oprah speak about it. She is god I tell you.

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