Naturally Curly; perfecting your curls the natural way

My curly tendrils up top had me so self conscious that if I let my hair dry naturally it was always amongst copious amounts of product to make it look like I had “big girl curls”. I never let my hair dry naturally WITHOUT product in my hair, but after recent realisation that 90% of the products I was using was full of not only chemicals but they were all tested on animals, I grabbed all of my products and I threw them out.

So, 6 months ago, I let my hair dry naturally without these “Frizz Free”, “Straightening Balm” and “Mousse” products which ALL…before getting to my hair, had no doubt stung a poor bunnies eyes, or tortured an innocent rat. All of a sudden I had a new found love for my curls. Strangers are always asking me HOW I get my hair like this, I thought it was time to do a routine hair post and I am not one for much work on the old hair lately so if you have curly hair and you want them to be tame then keep reading…


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Firstly I must tell you all, that less washing equals healthier locks, it may take a while to get your hair back to it’s natural state but if you stick with it I can guarantee you will be thanking me in a couple of months. Washing your hair often strips your scalp of the natural oils, so in turn it produces MORE oils and you end up with oily hair. Stick with it, try out 2 days without washing, then go 3, eventually you’ll be washing your hair every 5 days like me! TRUST me ladies…I wouldn’t lie to you!


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I do this once every 10 days to keep my hair healthy, I have been trialling out Hello Hair and it works WONDERS, I apply it mostly to the ends and sleep in it overnight then wash my hair normally in the morning. If you don’t want to try Hello Hair, just grab some coconut oil (in every supermarket store!) and apply to the ends overnight – wash in the morning.


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After I wash my hair I apply VERY small amounts of Hello Hair to the ends to separate the curls (You can also use coconut oil for this too). I sometimes stick my head out the window of a moving hair “natures blow dryer” the less hot hairdryer air in your hair the better.


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Dead, limp, curly hair can be unappealing so I really embrace the 80’s era on this one. You know those dry shampoos and “OOMPF” powders – most of them are not natural AND they are not cruelty free. But I need them for my hair to add well…oompf to the roots and keep my hair at bay between the 5 days washing. BUT…I don’t need those products necessarily so I make my own dry shampoo, recipe below:

  • 2 tablespoons corn flour (for dark hair use cacao powder)
  • 5 drops of essential oils (optional)
  • Salt shaker

What to do: Mix the cornflour (or cacao) and essential oils (if using). Store in a salt shaker, shake sparingly to the roots, topple hair over and mess up with fingers. Perfect!


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Every day I also apply rosewater throughout my hair, sleeping on it messes it up a bit and flattens some curls, so adding more moisture curls them right up again, scrunch with your hands and voila – good as new!


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If you have longer curls than me, a detangle might be on the cards. The best way to do this is to mix a few blobs of cruelty free conditioner with hot water into a spray bottle, shake it, and apply sparingly through hair either wet or dry, then style again.

The ‘dirtier’ your hair is when it’s curly, the better, the oils separate your curls even more making it a head of beautiful, big, delicious curls that people often tell me they’re jealous of. Knowing that I barely put any work into them makes me feel bad but I say, if you’re blessed with natural curls, gosh darn wear them how they’re meant to be worn!!!

4 thoughts on “Naturally Curly; perfecting your curls the natural way

  1. Donna

    I’ve been looking forward to reading this!

    I am going to get started on a new hair routine tomorrow!! I rarely wash my hair but the natural products I’ve never tried out. I love the idea of using coconut oil and rose water in my hair. The amazing smell is also an added bonus 🙂

    I had to chuckle at the “sticking your head out the window” line. I do that too!!!! My husband thinks I’m loopy when I do it and there is usually some lame dog joke. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who does it!

    1. Where the styled things are

      haha Donna – i think it’s a curly girl standard isn’t it? But when my hair is straight, all windows up don’t even touch my damn hair hahaha! the natural stuff is definitely a benefit, your hair needs nurturing just like your skin 🙂

      Would LOVE to hear how you go?! x

  2. Heather

    Hi Adele

    You have amazing hair! I was just wondering if you could share where you get your hair cut? I’m in Perth too and really struggle to find anyone who cuts waves and curls properly. Most recent cut is an ugly disaster 🙁

    Thanks in advance .. 🙂


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