Tips for styling natural curls


You may have noticed my inability to keep my locks under wraps the last few weeks, after the initial question of “Is that a perm?” and then sheer shock as people go on to ask the next question… “It’s NATURAL?” yes…yes it is! I have been living a straight haired lie this whole time!

I’ll admit to never really liking my curls, the addition of every product under the sun to help tame them has definitely been used over the last 32 years, until one day I stuck my head out my car window for about 5 minutes like a dog with floppy ears after I washed it…and voila…just like that…perfect curls!!!

However that doesn’t seem to work for everyone so after countless questions about my hair (All lovely of course, thank you for all the love!) I wanted to give you the heads up on exactly what it is that I do, apart from sticking my head out a car window, I don’t always have that opportunity when I am trying to get ready for work, especially if I take the train, lord knows how dangerous that would be. So, if you have a natural curl and you’ve never been able to tame it…listen up…

  1. Wash your hair less, I do it around twice a week, the natural oils will pull back the frizz. Lately I have been using LUSH Curly Wurly shampoo which is full of coconut flakes – it smells and feels delicious, but I did try and eat it and…I was mistaken on that one. Much like a lot of things I try to taste that are not for human consumption. Let’s not talk about dog food at this point.
  2. Once washed, immediately flick hair around then towel dry for only a few seconds using paper towel (Yes, paper towel!).
  3. I add in a very small amount to the end of my hair of LUSH’s Zest gelly to separate some curls.
  4. I use the essentials VS Sassoon Hairdryer (Just $24.95) with one of the best diffuser’s I have ever used before on a hot setting, then flick over to a cooler setting and hit the roots.
  5. Spray coconut oil to the ends (get cans from woollies) and you’re good to go.

TIP: I do this the night before then sleep on it so that it messes it up a bit.
TIP: Freshen up the curls every day by spritzing with water, then drying again, I also add in some dry shampoo for extra bounce.

My hair has been so much healthier since letting it go ala’ natural, and the fact that I am only using the VS Sassoon hairdryer for a couple of minutes a day, it’s definitely helping to rebuild it. Now…go eat your crusts and let those curls grow!!

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