Become a morning person – without demolishing your alarm clock!

Convincing someone that 4:30am is the best time of the day is a hard task, I am the girl awake before the sun, even sometimes before the roosters? As a little girl I remember promising my parents that I would sleep in one day…5am came around and I walked out to the kitchen with messy curly blonde hair, rubbing my eyes, greeting my Dad getting ready for work with a loud sigh and exclaiming “But Dad…you are meant to be at work, because I slept in!”


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As a kid, Astro Boy is what woke me up that early but now….it’s the peace and serenity that the morning brings. There’s just something about witnessing the warmness of the sun streaming in which entices Frank & Chip the sausage dogs to move from sleeping in the bedroom to taking up space in the games room where the slight crack of that rising sun hit’s their bellies. Still not convinced?

OK, I see I need to give you just a few little snippets of why I would love for you to embrace early mornings a little more, even just one day this week…

Adelle’s top 3 early morn benefits:

  1. Did you know that early rises are more likely to have an optimistic view in life? Ever wonder how the heck I am SO positive all the time? I have a feeling my early mornings are the culprit! And optimism is also a great tool to have to help aid in mental health issues.
  1. Less of a hippy view and more of a realist dot point here, but being early means less congested commutes. Yep, you heard it here first, it should be common knowledge but it takes me less time to get to work if I leave early (then grab a sneaky coffee in the city! Which you also won’t wait 10 minutes in line for!)
  1. Obviously, seeing the sunrise can benefit you in many ways, I feel like it grounds me completely, makes me appreciate the earth a little more, makes me “keep it real”. Want to really hone in on your spiritual side? Add Rooftop Yoga while the sun is rising! Totally zen.

Now that you have my benefits, how are you going to actually “Become” an early riser?






*Start slow, just like eating well I always say change ONE meal a day to be healthy then add to it over time. The same applies. Get up 15 minutes earlier for a week, then half an hour the next week and so on. Nobody likes going cold turkey on things. Ever.

*Go to bed just a little earlier, and don’t use your phone in bed. We all know how that ends, one minute you are scrolling facebook, then by 12am you have saved 40 pins on pinterest on #hairspiration to show your hairdresser next week, and all of a sudden you are replying on facebook messenger to your bestie by only using gifs from the movie “Bridesmaids”. Are you nodding your head? I nailed it didn’t I??? Well stop. Go to sleep!

*Alarm clocks SUCK! They suck EVEN MORE when they are sitting across the room and you have to get up to turn it off…buuuut….if you do this, and you are already up, you may as well stay up. Right?

*As soon as you are out of bed, turn the light on and hit the shower immediately!!!

*Make your morning a reward, have something to look forward to, for me, it’s always a good breakfast and a strong cup of tea! You have time to make those protein pancakes now or eggs on avocado and toast – YOU ARE UP EARLY! YES!!!

If you witness a sunrise in the next week, I would love for you to engage with me on social media, tag me in your sunrise images (or just early morning photos – your coffee or yummy breaky perhaps?) for the week and let’s make it a beautiful space to find an appreciation for mornings!

5 thoughts on “Become a morning person – without demolishing your alarm clock!

  1. Daniel Alexander

    I’m an early riser too. There’s something about the smell of morning which really puts me in a mood to start the day. I think it reminds me of airports and travel; I’m not really sure. That smell, though, is my soul motivation for getting up early.

      1. Daniel Alexander

        I’m not even sure- you could very well be right. There’s certainly something in the air that entices my sense’s at that time of day. I’d even go as far as saying that it’s my favourite time to be awake! I’m glad you’re with me on this one, haha!


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