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This is absolutely the pot calling the kettle black. Me time? What, you mean like when I am on the train smashing out 3 blog posts on my phone and sitting next to a guy that smells like last nights whiskey? Not exactly, No.

When is the last time you took some time out for yourself? Where you spent an hour reading a magazine, walking on the beach, talking to people you love? These times are few and far between lately for me because I have been working hard to build up what I do and I find myself cramming even more things into my life and forgetting to actually relax.

Lately though, the 30 minutes at the gym seems to be the best place to do it, I can’t do anything blog related there, and I focus on what parts I want to work on so tunes are loud and in my ears, and zoning out is necessary. I am mostly writing this post for myself because every now and then I need a reminder especially after this week/end…so these tips are totally for me, but I thought they would work for you too…

Finding “Me” time tips

  • Schedule in time; my diary is chockers, so I endeavour to schedule time every few days and NOT book things in over the top of it.
  • Treat yo-self; take yourself out to lunch or breakfast just you, a magazine and a good meal – make it once a month so it’s manageable. (I have started doing this one – it’s pretty nice!)
  • Leave work on time at least twice a week, then maybe go grab a coffee for half an hour.
  • Exercise; my mantra! You know what I mean!
  • Walk to work or the train station; crank the tunes and just zone out and breathe in the fresh air. (Unless it’s raining, ugh! Winter!)
  • Beach time is zen time. Sometimes I find myself watching the sun set and the waves slowly rolling in.
  • Book something in advance and then invite a friend for girl time, or partner time?
  • Say no sometimes; you can’t fit everything in lord knows I have tried, say no and “miss out” occasionally – it’s not the end of the world!
  • Go to bed early and sleep!!!! (Ahem…Del….take note of this one!!)

I feel like just writing these out help me to become more clear on what I need to do to make my life a little less hectic, people ALWAYS ask me how the hell I fit everything in, sometimes I don’t even know how but If I can implement some of my own tips into life, maybe I won’t have constant bags under my eyes haha.

I am bookmarking this for myself – feel free to do the same!

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