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IMG_3466Fremantle, it’s been my nemesis for many years. And I know that could come to a shock to some, because I love incense for a start, and candles, crystals, all things hippy, I am laid back and casual – Freo is all me. I love old buildings, I mean it’s a photographer’s dream! It’s full of cute little boutiques AND markets…but it was always so far away for me and guaranteed every trip had me lost on the road and the streets, EVERY trip! Being lost frustrated me and so…I decided I didn’t like Fremantle.

Lately I’ve really been giving it a go though, being a lot closer, and of course, I have been delighted – of course I have!! All of a sudden I am in love like a love sick teen. So my invite to the MANY 6160 building to be shown around was something I was not going to pass up – as now being lost in Fremantle is a positive…especially while I have google maps on my phone.

If you have set foot in the MANY 6160 building then I am sure you have already been delighted by the senses, tastes and visuals…but what struck me as different was the makers upstairs. Yes, that’s right, a place for creatives to hire out and get all their work done (rather than doing it all in their tin sheds out the back) a place to also converse with other creatives rather than being by yourself all day. Basically…if I want something like a stool or a table made from recycled wood and you don’t have the handy skills to do so (I don’t have the handy skills to do so lol) – these guys upstairs can do it for you!

A few of my faves from the day…(Click each to check out their websites)

  • Peaches & Clean – a no chemical, great for your skin, vegan business – candles, coffee scrubs, soaps – yes, all the lush stuff!
  • A good looking man – (and he is – he looks like my Dad when he was 30!) one of the makers from upstairs, constructing some amazing pieces with recycled (coloured) wood! Really really funky stuff!
  • Respoke – Another maker, designing light fittings and large constructed pieces out of bike parks, you have to see it to believe it!
  • Kate & Abel – Hats, hats and more hats (plus a lot of quirky things that I wanted…Mexican rugs…MiGoals stationery…etc.) Oh and Washi tape – loads of it!
  • Owned accessories – 3d printer, need I say more?
  • Antipodium – a collection of beautiful pieces AND offering a 10% discount if you mention Where the styled things are!!

Click through the gallery below for more…

That’s not to say that I didn’t love every single retailer and maker…they all served a really great spot in my heart and I can see so much potential for me to use either their services or purchase from them. Have a look through the gallery above for what is in store and DON’T MISS OUT on the Blogger Emporium (markets) happening at Many 6160 on July 5th 10am – 4pm! (More on this in a few days).

Head over to MANY 6160 and have a squizz – you won’t be dissapointed! They ALSO do workshops with studio bomba – make a terrarium, a flower crown, learn how to handwrite!!!! I need to leave before I make this blog post too long….just go there! 🙂

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