Lunch Ladies Lunch Money!

My Mum tried to reinvent lunches for us many times, I think it was down to the fact that she couldn’t afford to buy us lunch like all the other kids in school so she tried to make her own cheesies and pizza for us to eat in the playground instead.

Needless to say, bless her soul for trying, it was never the same as being given a $5 note to place your lunch order in the paper lunch bag.

These days, reinventing lunches is clearly more awesome as I am 33 now and if people laugh at my lunch I just scoff at how amazing it is, even if it doesn’t look appetising. I guess that’s the thing with “peer pressure” when you’re an adult, you really don’t give a crap! And, the smellier the better, so then the annoying people don’t sit with you in the lunch room (hahahaha I am kidding!!) Adulthood has it’s ups and downs but I guess the fact that earning money is one of the ups, I can buy my lunch whenever I want to!

I always get that full on depression mode when the thing I look forward to the most is my lunch break, only to find I didn’t actually bring my lunch. And it’s still sitting on the kitchen bench at home going off. Not only is that an entire wasted meal, it’s also not in my belly which is really disappointing!


The ultimate go to when you have forgotten your lunch, and you have lunch money burning a hole in your pocket! Yep, that’s right, they deliver to your work place, AND THE BEST PART…it’s healthy food AND for me…with my new pescatarian hat on, a lot of the options work for me. The amount of times that I have forgotten to grab my lunch (I am not kidding guys it’s basically twice a week!) so I order online at before 10:30am and then within a couple of hours – lunch is here! It’s also really good for people on the go who can’t seem to get away from their desk – forcing you off your butt, away from the computer to grab your lunch from reception.

If that hasn’t convinced you then maybe the delicious weekly menu will – click here to see “What’s cookin” this week, you are looking at anywhere from $10-$15 for a meal delivered to your work in the West Perth, East Perth and Perth suburbs (currently looking at expanding this) these guys are SUPER NEW so I really wanted to tell you all about them, helping local businesses is what we do.

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