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Lululemon Crop Pants | Lorna Jane Petra Crop Top Sports Bra

After years of saying “laloolamon” instead of Lu-Lu-Lemon, I caught up with the guys last week to discuss all things fitness! Luckily, I figured out how to pronounce the company name before I actually walked through the Enex100 doors. Before I get to the crop pants in question, I stumbled across a “would you rather” quiz on Facebook the other day.

I think “would you rather” really puts you in those positions that really get that brain to work (Or just purely make you cringe), they’re questions that you would never think about. For instance… would you rather have legs as long as your fingers, or fingers as long as your legs? You don’t want either right? Personally, I think with the opportunity to wear these pants as much as I can, I would rather have fingers as long as my legs – I like my long legs, may as well have 12 of them right?

That being said…the last question I will never be able to answer, see it here and don’t blame me for the nightmares!

Back to the pants…I’ve tried cheap lycra before, it doesn’t work as well, you know when you bend over everyone can see through your grandma knickers! Not the best position you want to be in at the gym surrounded by guys who are probably staring at your butt – and now also, your knickers. My point being, you get what you pay for – it’s like buying the most expensive bread because I eat it everyday, it may as well be great for you – Lycra is no different, I wear it every day, it has to last, see through pants are a NO GO AREA.

The Run crop HERE shapes to your body but also sucks you in, has split sections to make you look thinner and also has mesh pockets. MESH POCKETS! They had me at pocket…the perfect spot to throw your phone in and plug in for the gym, it stays in there too, even during intense cross training. (I say intense…you guys know I mean 5 minutes of flicking my hair around and attempting to dance while I run). Also, they’re not going to go see through after a few months. They’re built to last!! More on Lululemon with their new swimwear range will be coming up in January where I discover all kinds of kini’s and one pieces for this (long) summer ahead! (Inspired by WA)

Oh and not to brag…but I am totally on holidays…weeeeeeee!!

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