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Amongst the many things I wanted to be when I grew up, for a good 10 or so years “Ballerina” was at least top 3! Granted my baby giraffe legs may have stunted me from getting very far because even though growing up I was quite graceful centre stage, now is a slightly different story. Gangly long legs and stiff arms got the better of me and my athletic like ways.

With the added fitness regime to my life over the past 2 years, I really have been maintaining the muscle and core strength in my body, however one of my bucket list items is to be able to train my body to touch my toes. As simple as that sounds, when you have super long legs and short arms – it’s kinda far away! So with my invite to Xtend Barre looming, I really needed to try out what I had done all those years ago – ballet in a different light! AND…my extra little challenge, to touch my toes after a few goes.

I had to make a quick pit stop to the Enex100 Lululemon to grab some mighty fine yoga/esque and xtend pieces, the guys helped me choose an outfit that would work well for Xtend, this is what they do well in quality and fabric.

A little match made in heaven to be honest, Lululemon is well known for their yoga range which doesn’t include a lot of jumping and movement, it’s mostly all to do with stretching – Xtend is much the same so I was looking for a product that did just that, not a lot of padding in the crops, and a legging that fit so well that it wasn’t going to slip off mid plie!

I grabbed the other team members of Fit Club Perth (Launching MONDAY!), and we went to our very first class a couple of weeks ago. It was very different to how I expected it but I feel a bit of an addiction coming on, because for ME…it gets me going to a class that is booked prior so it forces me (in a good way) to commit to it. It’s great to go with other friends because it’s a fun class, and at the Xtend Barre studio on King St in the city is across from La Veen and Uncle Joe’s so…cue Brunch Club Perth in here!!! Not to mention…the added challenge I spoke about before…touching my toes…guess what? I am ALMOST there!!!

Grab your girls and try out Xtend for yourself – hit the links below!

Collaboration with Lululemon Enex 100 & Xtend Barre King St Perth
Fit Club Perth TeamInspiring WitShe Does, Little Miss Mon BonWhere The Styled Things Are

2 thoughts on “Lululemon Ballerina – Xtend with Friends!

  1. Lei Lei Clavey

    Exercising is so much better with friends! It actually gets you motivated and knowing you girls would be at X-tend bar pushed me to go to the class too:)

    Love the Lululemon gear too!


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