My 3 steps to looking younger

Flattery will get you everywhere my friend, so when you stop me mid conversation when I mention I am 34 with a slap across the arm and a “NO YOU ARE NOT”…I tell you now….you’ll be my bestie….






I know age is just a number, and I am in true form of forgetting my age at the best of times, I don’t act 34 (how is a 34 year old meant to act?), I don’t dress like a 34 year old (how is a 34 year old meant to dress?), and I guess my face and hair tells you otherwise (how does a 34 year old’s face meant to look?) so after people realise that I am not lying to them…the next question is along the lines of “What are you doing right then?”…

OK, I have no real secrets guys, honestly. But I had this question 5 times last week alone and I thought maybe it was something you would be interested in? Some of the things you guys are interested in is crazy to me – they are such “normal” things.

    I think mostly, it’s down to the fact of my lifestyle, I keep fit and healthy, that’s a massive one! I work out at least 3 times a week and ya’ll know what they say about sweat right? Sweat is a MASSIVE plus…”Sweat purges the body of toxins that can clog pores and plague the skin with pimples and blemishes”. So ding ding ding, all that sweating is helping to cleanse my skin! This is actually a fact too, I thought I was spinning sh*t last week when I said it BUT IT’S TRUE!!
    I use products that are generally good enough to eat, my sister, Kirsty, has been a Beauty Therapist for almost 2 decades now and she is formulating her OWN skin care products. The Beauty Bus keeps my skin looking fresh and supple because I moisturise, cleanse and bath in her products. I know what goes in to every single product…why wouldn’t I be OK with putting it on my skin? Click HERE for her online shop. Oh, and if I run out of any of these products I use coconut oil to cleanse and moisturise in between! Chip the sausage dog actually loves coconut oil too when i drop it on the floor.
    Food can factor into your skin either glowing, or breaking out! Did you know Dark Chocolate, Oatmeal, Kale, Fish, Walnuts, Almond Milk, Soy, Coffee, Eggs, Pumpkin, Sunflower Seeds, Carrots & Chickpeas are all AMAZING super foods for your skin? Yep, if you eat the above (which, coincidentally are mostly staples in my lifestyle) your skin will thank you for it!

I mean, it’s simple really, I preach it because it’s true, 3 simple steps to get your skin looking….(dare I say it?) 10 years younger than you actually are??? Correct me if I’m wrong, actually don’t…let’s just leave it this way…

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