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Kaftan (Temt) $39.95 | Rip Curl Bikini (Crystals Surf) $69.99 | Beaded Necklaces (Tree of Life) $25 each (All purchased from Rockingham Shopping Centre)

2014 – was it the year of the kaftan? Absolutely not, well not in my eyes, I always figured a kaftan was a way to cover all your jubbly bits whilst also resembling a nice Homer Simpson mu-mu but still looking stylish (If there is such a thing after describing Homer – DOH!), so I personally avoided them with that “so called” knowledge. 

But sometimes a girl just gets it wrong and just has to try something on to figure out if it works or not, and I have to admit, I tried it on and I kinda love it. So…2015 I am calling it now, a little later than everyone else, year of the kaftan! I guess when Camilla can make a piece of fabric flow in such a way that is flattering and also comfortable then the cheaper version from Temt can totally be on every girls budget.

The best thing about this particular kaftan is you can wear it with a mini dress underneath or just wear it to the beach over your swimsuit – my only suggestion is to clash the colours, I was tempted to go a turquoise to match it but throw caution to the wind and go something different, like this neon orange kini from Crystals.

This entire outfit, plus all the necklaces and bracelets is available at Rockingham Shopping Centre, i’ll be honest though, that kaftan may not last too long so make it snappy!!

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