Learning life lessons in everything you do

The last 3 weeks have really enlightened me for many reasons…

I have certainly had my own struggles the last few weeks with either work pressure, simply not having time for things I wanted to do (which actually included The Love Thread Project crowd funding events!! So sad about it!), realising I am filling up my plate again with too many things as well as hectic and frustrating issues with my apparel sample order.





With frustrating times also comes lessons to learn plus I always find a positive experience is just around the corner. I relish in the small things, and even so much as someone smiling at me always helps in my day.

I have received a few really nice e-mails and messages of late from some ladies in my Jungle Body classes, my regulars actually make my week, the confidence that they exude when they walk into class blows me away because then I hear about how they are in “the real world” and I am honestly shocked. Some of my ladies struggle with their own demons but they STILL manage to come to class and smash out an hour and SMILE the whole way through it.

There have been weight loss stories, low self esteem and confidence stories, even just little messages saying that they enjoyed their very first class ever with me. They all start out with a negative story that changes to positives because of what they are achieving themselves.

The funny thing is, I do what I do because I love to make people smile, I like to make a difference in their lives, I love to create positive experiences and I GENUINELY care about others. I am just a small part though, I create the time and place, and THEY create the added vibe.

You know what though? Their happiness seriously makes my day so it helps ME too. It’s a circle of life analogy…

To ADD to the positives of the week… The Love Thread Project team raised $30k in 30 days and that honestly had me jump out of my chair and squeal with excitement – it was the icing on my cake for the week, and it’s ONLY WEDNESDAY!

I just wanted to write about it to remind us all that everything you do can have an impact in someone’s life. It may be small, but that small impact COULD be what they need right then and there. A positive smile can go a long way – honest.

Photos: Wearing Lorna Jane Tights & Bonds Bomber

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