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Happiness…say that out loud and slowly “Hap…Pee….Nis” it makes me laugh every time because I just made you say penis!!! That’s what this post is all about – laughter, being happy and shaking off the shit!

I find myself getting involved in drama without even trying, no matter how hard you avoid it, it will always follow you in life and when you least expect it, knock you off your feet and kick you while you’re down. In the past I guess I let that get to me a lot, but more recently, since 30, I think it just didn’t bother me as much anymore.

Letting go of the past so it doesn’t anchor you down is essential, because I feel you need to stand up for yourself and be strong but also – holding grudges will only hurt yourself, and ultimately you want to continue to be happy. How the HELL do you do that though??

Laughter and happiness is key to staying healthy within yourself…things that help ME laugh are really simple, because why make life complicated? Whenever I am feeling down…I always go to these…

Stay healthy by staying happy

  • Watch a funny movie or back to back TV shows, my favourites? Bob’s Burgers, Tenacious D Pick of Destiny, Elf, Bridesmaids, Parks & Recreations, The Office and Fresh off the boat. (Look them up)
  • Immerse yourself with people who make you laugh. Find out who they are and spend more time with them.
  • Youtube Cat Videos…which turn into aerobics from the 80’s, then people falling off segways and ultimately compilations of dogs shaking in slow motion. Guaranteed laugh fest.
  • Spend time with some kids – they’re basically the best form of laughter, they are pure, they don’t care what they say and they have no hang ups – they’re energy alone is amazing.
  • The same as the above…pets and animals do the exact same thing!
  • Do something stupid, it’s a regular occurrence for myself….cartwheels/handstands, roll down a hill, prank someone, helium balloons!
  • Turn the music up loud in your house and dance – this one, it works, hands down every time!

Happiness comes from within, you really can’t expect it to fall into your lap, sometimes you just have to make it happen – so, what are you waiting for? Make it happen!!

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