Protecting the largest organ in your body!

What is the largest organ in your body? The male population may use that as a “dad joke” and we may all giggle, however, jokes aside, your skin is the largest organ! Yep that’s right – skin is an organ! I learnt that from my sister who’s a beauty therapist and she drummed it into me at a young age!






Wearing Gypsea Ava Top & Bottoms

I like to think that the last couple of years I have taken my body quite seriously, my skin being just one part of the process, but it’s pretty important especially when it comes to looking younger and also avoiding any unnecessary toxins or dare I say it – skin cancer!!!

It’s a big one in my family, we’re all fair skinned and my dad is forever having cancers cut off his body, I too had one removed only a few years ago! I am a pretty bright white colour…so I really have to be careful in the sun especially. Here are just a few tips that I find work well when looking after my skin…

Use a good quality face moisturiser, ditch all the commercial crap, I’m not kidding! If you wouldn’t eat it then why would you put it on your skin? There’s no miracle wrinkle cream, but if you keep it as natural as possible without the cruelty to animals brands then your skin will thank you. People think I’m 10 years younger than I actually am and I like to think it’s mostly because I look after my skin. (This totally flatters me by the way haha)

Brands to follow:

Sunscreen is your friend! Use it every day, even just a light layer before work and after work or just anytime you go into the sun! I always carry it in my car and my hot tip is to grab a small one for your hand bag too – I’ve been caught out on a few occasions and I vow that never to happen again! Try Ecotan Sunscreen!

Wear less makeup. It’s something I have trialled the last two weeks and it’s working! I actually put makeup on the other day, looked in the mirror, and hated what I saw! My face felt and looked better without makeup – I never thought I would say that but it’s true! It’s been hard to get used to but my skin is breathing and I have had no break outs this entire two weeks which is unheard of!

Coconut oil and scrubs. It’s a great addition to your entire body (do not go out into the sun after). Every fortnight I have a bath, give my body a light scrub and then a light coconut moisturise all over – especially my thighs and butt, everybody likes a smooth butt! You feel really hydrated after and your skin really soaks up the moisture for a nice supple overall!

Keep your lips hydrated. People often forget their lips and just slap on some lip balm! I like to sometimes make a small batch of coconut oil and coconut sugar and just rub it on my lips occasionally, it just buffs that dry skin and makes your lips really smooth!

In 30 ears time, you will thank me for these tips when you don’t resemble a leather couch!

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