Winter face – Kosmea + LaMav


Oh winter! I hate you already! No but seriously…not only is it causing 1970’s foxy brown afro hair, but it’s also drying out my skin as the chill of the cold air blasts through my face while crossing the highway going to work every single day! Winter and I have a love/hate relationship, I love it when I am sick and snuggled up on the couch with soups and tea, or just in general having a lazy DVD day. But…let’s face it, those things are few and far between – EVERY other day is spent running around in the rain getting soaked through and freezing my face AND butt cheeks off!

I have been trialling out an abundance of cruelty free products lately – it’s been so good to find these products AND to also tell you guys about them too! Kosmea and La Mav are just a couple of products that I have bunched up and am using every day of this wintery weather, just 3 steps, and all within budget! Just another reason to step away from the grocery store brands…


Kosmea daily facial exfoliant ($39.95) is soft enough to use every day, to scrub off the dead skin and makeup that cakes onto your skin especially during winter. It smells so good and I assume that is the rice flour and Kaolin clay (I have an obsession with clay?) as well as rose hip and chamomile flowers. It not only soothes and calms the skin but improves skin clarity too (eg: makes those cheeks look brighter and supple!)

lamavLa Mav pore refining toner ($24.95) is the easiest toner I have used, I usually skip it all together but with a quick refreshing spray just before moisturising it doesn’t dry your skin out (like most toners) and it’s a quick simple application! La Mav is also organic which is just a bonus for your delicate skin.

Kosmea replenishing moisturising cream $44.95 is exactly that, It does what it says – replenishes and moisturises! Carrot oil and Green tea extract rehydrates the face and lasts all day, it also improves skin tone and texture – in other words, it has totally cleared up those hormonal zits!

Click each product to purchase each, and know that they are all cruelty free AND easily accessible online! Have a great day…if you can bare this weather.

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