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Wearing Running Bare | Photos by Little Miss Mon Bon

An old friend of mine lost her Dad recently in an accident, when things like this happen you kind of just get jolted back into reality. Life isn’t as safe as we all think, “It will never happen to me” always pops up in my head but you know what? It could happen to me! I am not afraid of dying in the slightest, but I am afraid of leaving people behind, and deathly afraid of people leaving me because of death.

It’s one of those things that really makes you appreciate what is going on in your life – enjoy it, but don’t kill yourself trying! Didn’t get to the gym today? Don’t sweat it. Blew out on some junk food? Whatever! Life is about celebrating and exploring everything there is to offer you and sometimes that can mean just enjoying those little things.

Fitness for me is my get away and my time to do my own thing while also feeling great about it, but some days it really needs to get the hell out of my face, I am human and my instagram account MAY look like all I ever do is work out, eat food and wear pretty clothes but I don’t show you the down side. The times where I am feeling low or I feel a little shit about myself. I work too, full time plus the blog, I feel like I never get ahead. The early EARLY mornings and really late nights, the driving home tired and falling asleep at the wheel, the constant coffee to keep my face awake. Sometimes, it does get to me.

I like to focus on what I love more than what I don’t love, the gym is a great place to work out and make me feel happy however sometimes acting a dork on a skate board, shooting hoops (like a princess playing netball) or even just kicking the footy around can also be a great way to 1. get out of the house 2. enjoy the weather and 3. get some fitness in. Maybe adding these to your fitness regime can break up that boring work out and also give you the opportunity to just laugh with friends or your family. As stated in my last post HERE – laughter is a form of exercise too!

I guess what I am trying to say is, don’t beat yourself up, we all make mistakes, we all want to LIVE we all want to enjoy these little things…get over it, and┬áhave fun too!

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