What to look for when joining a gym!

Finding a gym is like finding the perfect job – you need to suss out a few to make sure it works best for you, kind of like an interview!






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I personally love gyms, more for the point that “working out at home” for me is never the best option. I need motivation, and when I see others around me working out, it makes me happier, inspired and I push myself more. I am also an advocate for “Working out with a friend” so this is a great option to get out the house – work out – coffee – chat – DONE!

I have compiled a list of what to look out for when joining a gym…these may help you when searching…

It’s all well and good to find a gym close to home, but is home close to work? I always find that going to the gym straight after work is what works best for me, so having a gym option close to work is great for say – a quick lunch time upper body session OR as soon as you finish, go and work out then head home. I find the BEST option for this is to go with a 24hr no lock in contract gym like Jetts. This way, you can workout on your own terms and workout wherever you please – at home AND near work – perfect eh?

It’s something that is so important – do you want help? Make sure the staff is helpful. Don’t want help? Maybe you won’t have to be so picky with this option. Ask them questions, find out what they know about fitness and health and well being. I LOVE my local gym for this, their social media is constantly a wealth of knowledge and motivation – they even have free classes just so you can try new things!

NOBODY likes a gym that is scungy and gross, I mean it doesn’t have to be perfect, but suss out the equipment as far as “sweat stains” go, if they offer a wipe down station – perfect! Most of the time, people are good with this. And MOST gyms make sure nobody works out without a sweat towel!

MASSIVE! What are you going to the gym for? They don’t have to be the most fanciest equipment on the market BUT you have to make sure they have the pieces of equipment you need for everything you are going for. Even as simple as a fit ball? And medicine balls? These are 2 things I use all the time at the gym! I mean if you want a lap pool and an array of classes, a 24hr gym may not be your best fit.

Is this something that you want from a gym? Personally I find that it’s not something that draws me in, my gym wants and needs are basic, and I have ClassPass to use for boutique classes. But if you want an all in one – look for this. You may have to pay extra.

As I say above, make sure it sticks within your budget for what you want a gym for. I personally am a member of Jetts and it’s a simple payment per month for what I need, however if you want to pay extra and get all the bells and whistles, make sure the cost is going to even itself out once you work out your routine.

READ WHAT YOU ARE SIGNING! If there is one, make sure that you can either commit to their terms OR are able to quit when you want to. 24hr gyms are great for no lock in contracts so suss them out if you want the basics and the ease of them.

Know what to look for now? Go forth and work out til your heart is content (And your legs are shaking like jelly).

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