Tips for shooting with your phone (Instagram Tips)


Instagram is basically an instant Pinterest. I follow people and brands with beautiful feeds, great images and really nice messages, think of it like “A day in the life on steroids” simply because I know for me and a lot of other bloggers – we really do only give you the best of the best. It’s what gains us followers because our feeds are pretty AND meaningful. For the other “Days in the life” there’s snap chat, in which case you may just get a lot of snaps of dark videos with me whinging about how tired I am or crazily dancing by myself in my bedroom. Wow what an exciting life I lead (for more exciting videos follow Pixi82 on Snapchat).

I wanted to give you a few Instagram tips because 90% of my photos on Insta are taken through my iPhone, proving the point that even as a photographer it doesn’t matter what equipment you use, you just have to know HOW to use it (Plus the big giveaway starts tomorrow and it involves instagram photos).

  1. Timings: Blast uploading will lose you followers, anywhere from 3-6 posts per day works, however keep in mind that you need to know when people are watching. I find early mornings, lunch time and after work are the best times.
  2. Lighting: Natural light is key, I shoot a lot with a window where natural light streams through but is filtered. Also experiment with shadows especially on faces – yep get your selfie game on!
  3. Tap to focus: Tap the middle of your screen to focus, try some depth of field by shooting an object close up with a lot in the background.
  4. Scroll for more/less light: Once you have focused, you can also hold down your finger on the subject and move it up and down to create more or less light.
  5. Take more than 1 photo: Shoot from different angles then come back when you upload and find the best shot for your feed at the time. Get down low, up high, move around! This also means you can upload again over the next few weeks of a different shot too.
  6. Use filters (the home made kind): Tinfoil, Gladwrap, Cellophane – all great sources of different coloured filters, shoot through them, around them, with them to the side – experiment!
  7. Golden Hour: It’s your friend, early early mornings or just on sunset is the PERFECT time to shoot, add in your “tapping” and adding light/decreasing light will work in your favour.
  8. Look around: Search for shadows, different lighting streaming through, shoot THROUGH things like leaves or the filters I mentioned above, I basically use my eyes as my camera all day, every day, and have done since I was a child. If I see a great spot for a photo, I shoot there even if it is just with my phone!
  9. Shoot from the eye of your subject: Get LEVEL! Nothing worse than someone with a big head or double chin, get on the level even if it means bending down and looking a doofus.

These are just a handful of tips and tricks that you can apply while shooting with your phone, and they may come in handy for tomorrow’s next giveaway too (RRP $999!!!) – get practicing!!!

5 thoughts on “Tips for shooting with your phone (Instagram Tips)

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  2. Kyah

    Great tips! I’ve been really motivated this past week to really up my Insta game and I think natural light is always my pitfall. And I definitely don’t wake up early enough for golden hour photos!

    1. Where the styled things are

      My insta blew up the minute I decided to stop using it as a “Daily life in Del full of crap photos” and actually took the time to curate them all, I have gained so many followers just from having a pretty feed 🙂 hahaha golden hour is also the hour before the sun sets so you can always give that a go xx


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