How to: Stop obsessing over your body!


I am absolutely no fitness and health guru, however when it comes to knowing the basics and putting together a healthy lifestyle, that I can do! So, I am forever giving MY PERSONAL tips on health and fitness HOWEVER you guys need to know I am no expert.inner-body-3

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way…

If you have been following me in the last few years then you will know my story…if not you can read it HERE (and also pick up some tips to how I became healthier) but today I want to hone in one thing in particular…

THE INNER BODY EXPERIENCE (How zen do I sound here?)

We spend HOURS making ourselves look good on the outside right? Getting our hair did, slapping on the makeup to clear out any imperfections, obsessing over being thin, eliminating cellulite, regular pedicures, manicures, waxing, shaving, body and face scrubs, everything we do in our daily/weekly/monthly regime is about the outside body!

But, do you look after your inner body too? Guess what? If you look after it, everything on the outside follows suit eventually. Think about it…you eat well, and your skin clears up, the cellulite slowly eliminates and your hair and nails get increasingly better. Your eyes become brighter, you feel more awake and you end up feeling pretty damn good all round.

No amount of dietary replacements or crazy fads will get you to that point alone, and it most certainly won’t last, they are also not good for you for so many reasons. I won’t preach here…I know people hate the preachin’, just know they are not good for you and let’s move on.

I guess what I am trying to achieve here is a change of mindset, if you are ready, you will listen, if you are not, you will scroll to the next thing on your internet explorer. The key message here is “What you put into your body impacts your entire being starting from the inside and finishing with the outside”.

It’s a common sense method, you know that eating takeaway every day is not going to help you in ANY way…however we are all human and we are allowed to indulge occasionally, so I don’t say cut ALL the bad stuff out all the time. Just know that filling your body with nutritional value for 80% of your time is going to help you in the long run.

Obsession is a debilitating thing, if you are doing this with your “outside” body right now, then stop, think about it, and make the right choices for your inner body.

Zen aside, simplicity is what I do….eat well, and exercise. It’s THAT easy.

2 thoughts on “How to: Stop obsessing over your body!

  1. Jen Donovan

    Hi, great blog post – I love it! It’s something I realized too that it’s not just what’s on the outside, but what’s going on on the inside and vice versa! Totally my vibe, awesome!!


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