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50’s swimwear is really no new fashion statement, it’s been round for 60 years after all, and when pin up was at it’s height of sexiness when women’s curves were celebrated not made to feel like they were overweight. High waisted bottoms and bustier tops are the essential pieces when going for a pin up look which Kini Swim kind of smash out of the water.

Speaking of smashing out of the water, I remember a distinct time about 10 years ago when triangle bikini’s were basically the only thing a girl had in the way of swimwear, my fluffy blue 2 piece was definitely a winner but like all triangle bikini’s they really didn’t stand the test of time as far as staying on was concerned….especially on a speed water slide….

Long story short I flashed all of my family, my in laws and the rest of Adventure World without even knowing and had to have someone tell me that my boobs were out a good minute later after emerging from the water. Needless to say, triangle bikini’s have never really been my favourite so I am thankful for pieces such as this which actually keep the ladies in so well I could jump up and down for ages and nothing would slip!

In saying that…my rating is pretty damn high…

12 Days of Swimwear Rating (out of 5):

  • Comfort – 4
  • Practicability – 5 (fits like a glove, no falling out)
  • Durability – 5

Kini Swim are renowned for letting you be the designer, you can choose what cut, style, colour, pattern and size you want, or if you want this piece, you can buy it ready made HERE.


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