How to wake up happy…

I feel like being an early riser makes me a happier person, once you’re in a routine, you really crave seeing that beautiful sunrise in the morning.

Early morning people are actually known to be chirpier and happier…and their positive attitude is a little more on the up. So, if YOU want to wake up happy, getting out of bed a little earlier may be able to help.

Now that we are pretty much smack back in the midst of the cold morns, it’s really hard to roll out of your warm cosy bed, being a 4:30am riser I am so used to waking up in the dark, and only seeing the sun rise at my half way commute point, so here are my very own top tips to waking up early…

  • Wake up 5 minutes early every week…
    For instance, say your wake up time is normally 7:00am, this week set your alarm for 6:55am, next week set it for 6:50am, the week after 6:45am – it’s a progression but it will set you up for longevity!
  • Set early morning meetings (or classes)
    If you now have extra time, why not use it? Set some earlier meetings or book in some early classes so that you are accountable and motivated to get to them on time! Try this at least 2 times per week.
  • Move your alarm clock!
    Most of us use our iPhones so how about charging your phone a little further away from your bed? This way you have to wake up, the movement and eyes opening will help you to stay up!
  • Have a robe close by!
    Especially now, it’s freezing out of bed! Have your cuddly robe right next to your bed so you can put it on as soon as you get up.
  • Shower immediately.
    It’s self explanatory, it will wake you up!
  • Make breakfast irresistible.
    Prep your breaky the night before, not only will it save you time, but if it’s something delicious and nutritious, it will be motivation to get out to the kitchen and scoff!
  • Play some music.
    Music makes us happy…if it’s a good beat, you will be jamming around your kitchen making breakfast in no time, then move it into the bathroom to shower in style too! I play music from the moment i wake up – it’s the best medicine for feeling happier.

So, I think in a few weeks time, you’ll be well on your way to waking up earlier and also feeling happier. You MAY end up going to bed earlier but a good nights rest is always recommended for early risers! TOP A THE MORNIN’ TO YA 😉

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