How to keep a KWEEN happy + safe…

It’s really no secret that I love animals, and more importantly, my own pets! Lawlee came along at such a hard time in my life which helped me to forget about my troubles, but Sooty was always around to give cuddles (ONLY when she wanted to though and ONLY for about 3.6 seconds until she digs her claws in out of disgust).

Cats are weird creatures, and really you don’t own a cat, they own YOU! It’s pretty obvious that Sooty has taken on the role of KWEEN in our humble abode, and who am I to take her off that throne and tilt her crown? I love her, really, I do, however I am mindful of losing part of my finger from trying to get a tablet down her throat to prevent fleas. The last time I tried that, I ended up with a 10cm long scratch down my finger which has since scarred!

Now regardless of ALL of that….I still want to protect her, and in the easiest possible way because I’d like to avoid plastic surgery on all of my fingers. Bravecto has been in my house for the last couple of years, it’s protected all of my dogs and now with the arrival of new Bravecto Spot-on for Cats, protecting cats for up to 3 months against paralysis ticks and fleas, it’s protecting Sooty too (AND ME!!) with a simple spot-on method!

Did you know that fleas and ticks can have a significant impact on the health of your feline friends, and the entire family? Bravecto Spot-on for Cats protects against fleas and reduces the incidence of flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) – a common skin disease caused by hypersensitivity to the saliva of the flea resulting in intense itching (yuck!)

It’s super easy and convenient to apply with a simple ‘twist n use’ tube, just give the cap one twist to break the seal (the cap doesn’t actually come off), then part the cats fur and apply directly to the back of the neck on the skin. Badabing, Badabang. No scratches and no angry kitty!

There is no reason for cats in Australia to get sick or die from tick paralysis thanks to the availability of Bravecto Spot-on for Cats! It can be used in kittens from 11 weeks of age, weighing at least 1.2 kg, and is available in 3 convenient weight ranges (from 1.2 kg to 12.5 kg). Got a cat? Bravecto is definitely my number one choice in protecting Sooty from fleas and tick paralysis…but also protecting myself from her clutches, it just makes life that little bit easier.

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