How to curb your cravings!

I have had a LOT of changes in my life over the past 6 months, they have all been highly stressful and hard to deal with. My fitness has dropped, my eating habits are disgusting some days and weight has crept in. (Not to mention my energy levels being near on zero!)



I crave food 99% of my life, when I wake up, I want to eat, when I get stressed i think about food, when I am bored…I want burrito’s, chips, coffee, chocolate…EVERYTHING! So…I decided to do a little research to help me to curb some of those cravings. My current craving is hot chips and chocolate!

I also thought you guys might be interested in my findings…


SALTY FOOD (Chips etc.)
You may be lacking in…
A craving for salty foods is indicative of a chloride deficiency, or it could be linked to low calcium or minerals.

Try this instead…
Chloride Deficiency: Raw goats milk, fish, celery and kelp
Low Calcium/Minerals: Dairy products, kale and broccoli

SWEETS (Mmmm cake + ice cream)
You may be lacking in…
Chromium, phosphorous, sulphur or tryptophan, sweet cravings are often associated with low protein diets.

Try this instead…
Broccoli, chicken, liver, turkey, collard, green vegetables, sweet potato, nuts or fruit, beans, meat, nuts and eggs

You may be lacking in…
Low in Magnesium

Try this instead…
Nuts, seeds and legumes, or a stick of DARK chocolate (80-90%)

FATTY FOODS (Fast food, chinese + burrito’s OMG!)
You may be lacking in…
Calcium (OR if it’s a night out – it could be linked to your liver)

Try this instead…
Dairy products, sesame seeds, kale and broccoli, avocado, nuts fish and eggs

CARBS (Gimme all the bread, pasta and pizza ya got!)
You may be lacking in…
Lack of protein, often vegans and vegetarians will crave SWEET cards because their protein intake is much lower. (Sounds familiar!)

Try this instead…
Beans, meats nuts and eggs

I KNOW it’s not the same as smashing down a litre of coke and hot chips, but always have a few of these snacks handy to see if it helps, I have my list and I am going to TRY and stick to it! What do YOU crave all the time?


4 thoughts on “How to curb your cravings!

  1. Marisa Cavaleiro

    Its a problem always thinking about food, i understand you very well – self control is the key



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