How stress almost killed me!

So I have been checking back into the real world over the last few months, it involved less internet, less blog time and less events all of which my life has revolved around for many years now and I have to say, it was getting quite ridiculous.




Mostly due to the fact that I was given some home truths recently, I am a STRONG advocate for looking after yourself however was I looking after me? Yes, naturally I changed my entire life in 2 years and am now a more active, strong, healthy version of myself but something was missing. I was tired all the time, more so than I was when I was unhealthy, I was falling asleep whenever and wherever – more dangerously, behind the wheel.

Some days I would come to after blacking out and not being able to control it and my foot was so hard on the accelerator behind a car, or I was on the other side of the road, or verging off into a ditch. Somehow…I managed to always be OK and never crash. But I had a really big scare just recently and realised this was not OK. Stress…literally almost killed me in many near misses!

I tried everything there was to be awake, I slept for longer, it made things worse, I slept for less and I barely got through the day. I have no energy at the best of times, and the more I exercised the worse it got. But then I slacked off a little and it was even HARDER to do things.

As I said, some home truths really hit me a few weeks ago after my naturopath told me that I was bordering chronic fatigue syndrome. It all made sense! Stress was attacking me in more ways than one and unfortunately that was really causing havoc with my body, I was doing too much and something had to give. In all aspects of my life, I like to share my findings with you all and give you some tips on how I overcome certain things so…that time has come…

  1. Breathe
    A very important part of your life, you need to breathe to live however I was given a great technique to help when I am feeling stressed, take 2 minutes, step aside and then use the 4-7-8 method. Breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds, hold it for 7 seconds and breathe out through your mouth for 8 seconds. It works wonders.
  2. Be Zen
    Try yoga…it is a great time to relax and get in that moment, the meditation part is always my favourite.
  3. Eat well
    Try to detox a little by sticking to a stack of fresh fruit and vegetables, avoid caffeine and processed sugar, drink more water – live off the land a little.
  4. Sleep well
    Make sure you get 7 hours of rest a night.

These are all things that we all know but sometimes a little reminder can help. I hope this helps you to de-stress a little, it’s important to keep your mind just as healthy as your body!

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