6 tips to making your holiday a little more “routine”…

Even though I tend to shy away from actually swimming in the ocean (I generally don’t let the water go past my waist) I still absolutely love being by the ocean, the salty air and the amazing views are enough to make my stress levels drop immediately.lunar6





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One thing that does make me stress a little is being out of routine, given I was on a holiday I was meant to be relaxing, unfortunately not having a set routine was playing on my mind. I managed to adapt a few coping mechanisms though and I thought that I would share them with you guys because they may help if you are too one of those people who 1) get’s homesick and 2) stresses when there is no routine.

  1. Obviously my first tip is to stay active, this is your number one de-stresser. Even if it’s a quick run every day, some stretching, or finding a gym or class near by, guaranteed stress reliever!
  2. Take some time out for yourself every few days, being with the same people all the time when you are used to your little drive in to works alone can sometimes stress us out. Maybe go your own way for an hour every few days, maybe this is the time you exercise too?
  3. Try to eat well as much as possible, food is a BIG player in stress, did you know that avocado, berries, oranges, walnuts and oysters help to calm, relax and de-stress the human body?
  4. If you get time to meditate, or read quietly every day, do so!
  5. Have a few early nights when you are on holiday, you still need time to recharge.
  6. Listen to music – you don’t realise how happy music makes you feel, it sets a relaxing mood because music is a memory trigger!
  7. Pack multiple bikini’s and go for a swim! Just being at the beach, as mentioned prior, is a stress reliever for me, however if you are holidaying in winter maybe just watch the sun rise or set. Beach views is a bonus!

So, now that we have learnt I am a big baby who needs routine most of her life and finds it hard to just let go…I hope that if you too are in the same boat, that these tips help next time you go on holidays!

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