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It’s winter…we all feel a bit blah, it’s time for some pampering…so I have decided to show you all the great products I have been buying lately in an effort for my own wellness week. It’s all about you…and the environment…

Kicking off my wellness week is a brand that I only just found a few weeks ago on Instagram. All of the blow drying and straightening I do, not to mention this naturally curly mop, I do try my hardest to keep my hair nourished and moisturised. I was hooked on a brand that I recently found out was testing on animals still so I was at a loss because I really loved how my hair felt after using it.

Hello Hair hydrating mask is a 100% natural treatment, it comes in a sachet filled with coconut, almond and argan oils which is the key to moisturising and naturally reviving your hair from the root to the tip! It is applied to dry hair so you can pop it on half an hour before you have your shower!
My dry locks soaked up Hello Hair like a thirsty camel! And because it’s an oil (it may drip) not a cream it smells beautiful, and you can also rub into your skin with the leftovers on your hands. After you apply, wrap your hair in either a towel or some glad wrap to keep the heat in. Once I had let it soak in and do it’s work I washed out and shampoo/conditioned my hair as per usual.
I can get about 3-4 uses out of one sachet so I’d suggest grabbing a couple and using this once a week for 4-6 weeks for a noticeable difference. Straight after my hair was softer, bouncy and smelt amazing, even after another wash and condition a few days later my head still smells coconutty!
A beautiful treatment that is all natural, smells beautiful, WORKS, do you need much more convincing? Hello Hair hydrating mask is just $15 for a sachet, and can be purchased right here! If you get some to revitalise your hair, I’d LOVE to hear what you think of it.

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