How to stay fit & healthy on your holiday!

I’ve mentioned it a lot – I was sick on my holidays! Maybe I just really like the sympathy? Haha!! More than anything though I like to keep it real on the blog and let you all know that sometimes a plan doesn’t work – working out every day didn’t happen because I was so wrecked but there were a few things I did do to keep myself healthy. 

Stopping off mid road trip for stretches and explores!

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I’ve started a list below on what I did do (and what I planned on doing) so that maybe it can help you on your next trip!
  • Wear activewear every day or as much as possible. That way you’re ready to take a run up the stairs, or do a quick 10 minute body weight session in the hotel room! I packed activewear and sports luxe the entire trip so keep an eye out on that blog post.
  • Suss out your local gyms/parks and make a list, sometimes gyms have casual rates OR if you have class pass you can go to a few fitness classes while you’re away!
  • Indulge in ONE “delicacy” meal a day, this means you won’t miss out on that delicious local food but you also won’t be over doing it – once you get back into an unhealthy eating habit they are hard to get out of! I was surrounded by waffles, ice cream, cheese and potatoes so we tried to make it a one time a day thing!
  • Get some groceries to keep with you, Tasmania was laden with fresh fruit and veggies and we definitely had our fair share. It’s easy to travel with some apples, bananas and oranges, nuts and bliss balls – they’re easy to pack and they’re small, plus you can find them anywhere!
  • Use nature as your gym, go for treks or walks then use trees or logs or park benches to do some body weight exercises!
  • Stop and explore on road trips, get out, stretch your legs and do some mini stretches to keep you going, it will help with those long trips in the car.
  • Make a healthy cafe list! Healthy doesn’t mean gross – I had a list of a few cafes in the areas we were dropping in to so that I could get a good dose of the foods I am used to – albeit I didn’t find many in tassie but when I did, we made sure we were there.

I know most people think “Pffffffff I am on holidays” and they throw everything out the window, I agree somewhat, you need some R&R and you need to take time out for yourself, however at the same time, if you cut it off completely, it takes even longer to get back into it when you’re home and you will find yourself in the corner of your pantry with a tub of nutella crying. (It’s happened before haha).

So, if you are anything like me, packing a smidgen of your healthy lifestyle with you on your trip should help you for when you are back at home. It’s just some tips to keep it easier for yourself.

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