Happy Howlidays with Bravecto!

It’s rather obvious that I am the “Mother of the Sausage Dogs” …simply put, my animals are my life and they mean the world to me. And it’s no wonder why…

(20 prizes to give away at the bottom of this post)

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…getting home from a stressful day at work and walking into a crazy wiener-dog lick fest, with added mini squeals and butt shakes always makes me feel appreciated, loved and wanted! Unconditional love can be so fickle in the human world but when it comes to your pooch…hey…they love you no matter what! In fact, they probably love you more when you stink bad!!

I mean, yes, I also slip over the occasional wee (in the house, next to the dog door, which is open at all times!!!!) but staying mad at a Dachshund’s cute face is really, really hard. Believe me!

To be honest, people may think I am crazy because the love I have for my dogs is quite unique, they are actually my children, so when we were given the awful news of Frankie’s paralysis and IVDD (A condition found in many Dachshunds) a few years ago, of course we paid upwards of thousands of dollars for spinal surgery and Frank endured a very long recovery. (Note: Frankie made a full recovery and wiggles his butt even harder now!)

So, while families gather around the Christmas tree handing out presents to their children, here we are sat up in the lounge room with our dogs and cats, taking videos of them opening their presents instead. Then maybe a sneaky piece of turkey under the table at lunch time.  Our dogs really are our family, so including them in our day is only natural!

This year, instead of buying them a pile of toys that they rip the guts out of in 3 seconds flat, and a stack of treats that will probably last no more than a few days, I will be incorporating our dog’s health into Christmas too. What’s more important in life? Health is my number one priority in everybody that I love!

So, I have teamed up with Bravecto for Christmas. Bravecto is the only oral chew to deliver 3 months’ flea and 4 months’ paralysis tick protection for dogs in a single tasty dose! Did you know that paralysis ticks and fleas are parasites that feed on your dog’s blood? They can be a major discomfort for our dog’s and can even cause serious health issues or sometimes even death.

SO…let ME (and here come the puns!!) “Woof you a Merry Christmas” with the PAWfect present for your best buddy! We have 20 prizes to give away! TWENTY!!!!

What you win:
FIRST PRIZE (One winner):  1 x $25 Coles/Myer Gift Voucher, 1 x Bravecto Pack, 1 x Bravecto Cooler Bag
SECOND PRIZE (One winner):  1 x $25 Coles/Myer Gift Voucher, 1 x Bravecto Pack, 1 x Bravecto Cooler Bag
RUNNER UP PRIZE (18 Winners):  
1 x Bravecto Pack

How to win:
Simply comment below with a story about your dog (the funnier the better), I want to hear everything, or just let me know what kind of dog you have, doggy stories make me so happy! Leave your e-mail address (it’s hidden) so we can contact you!

Extra chances to win:
Head to FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM to comment as well, giving you an extra chance! And if you upload a photo of your Pooch to my Facebook wall…it may give me extra joy!!

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