Hakuna your tata’s

This morning, I was enjoying the beautiful day so far, favourite beats pumping, sun rising, a little bit of dew on the car and…of course…doing the speed limit, not rushing my  life away. I always leave for work at least 15 minutes early just so that I can enjoy the drive more with less people on the road.






Back to the story. The lights turned amber so, naturally I slowed down for the red light but the little man behind me in his Subaru WRX STI had other thoughts about road rules and proceeded to speed up behind me to try and push me to go through it.

No little man, you cannot peer pressure me to go through a red light and put my life at risk. No amount of “rushing” is enough for me to do that. So I stopped at the lights and watched him go into a complete coronary attack, followed by total man-boy melt down behind me. Waving his little arms around, screaming out of the car, telling me I was an idiot, spit ejecting out of his mouth (as well as the profanities), face turning a slight shade of beetroot.

I turned around, looked him right in the eye, smiled and mouthed out “Hakuna your tata’s”.

This clearly didn’t help, he got worse, and then rode the back of my car like haemorrhoids til the next set of lights, continuing to scream like a 4 year old who didn’t get a lollipop when they asked for one.

I actually drove in to work singing and dancing in my car, arriving with half an hour to spare and write this post in my car. Because mostly…his negative attitude didn’t effect me like it used to. Granted I am writing an entire post about it but it got me thinking more about the negative space that can take up your life.

I used to let “the bad sh*t” get to me, like even tiny little things that other people just rolled their eyes at. All of these negative vibes were consuming my life “What consumes your mind, controls your life” and it was totally consuming my life!

I was opening up my world to the negativity, and a while ago that small altercation with the man in his WRX would have ruined my entire day, but now, I just feel sorry for him that he is continuing on with the bad vibes, he may now yell at someone at work, have a bad lunch, finish work late, get stuck in traffic…it’s a snowball effect. The negative sh*t just attracts more negative sh*t because you are CONSTANTLY THINKING ABOUT IT!

“An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you.”

It really is hard to let go, and I understand that it takes time, sometimes I still take on the bad vibes and end up having really awful days because of it but if you can mostly spend your life with a positive outlook, I guarantee the good things roll in a lot more often.

A few tips to get you started?

  • GOALS JAR: Every time something good happens, write it down. I recently wrote about the Goals Jar HERE, and even gave these out as gifts to some friends. Constantly writing out good things helps YOU to realise what you are achieving, it also helps with that positive vibe that will continue through your blood – the more you focus on the good, the better you feel! And nobody EVER did a “Sh*t jar” did they? Who the heck would write all the bad crap in their life and put it in a jar? HOLD UP…you are probably doing that now…but your jar is your head!! STOP!
  • BREATHE: Like the subject line “Hakuna your tata’s”. Just stop, take 10 deep breathes. Then continue with life.
  • MUSIC IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL: It’s a no brainer, your favourite music brings back happy memories, it get’s you in the mood, it makes you want to dance. These are all very positive things that are coming from your favourite music. Obviously, don’t listen to the song that reminded you of your Grandad’s death (I avoid that song a lot!!) but the ones where you danced on the tables at the club in 2004, the music you listened to growing up that reminds you of family, a song that makes you think about your partner. Music is good for you!

In conclusion (this is beginning to sound like a speech) I’d just like to end on some food for thought. Celebrate what is great in your life, negative thoughts actually cause stress, and that is hard to overcome. So the good times, the great vibes, the amazing thoughts and the creativity need to be celebrated more.

Got a new job that was tough to get? CELEBRATE!

Made someone smile at you on the street just by smiling at them? CELEBRATE!

Worked really hard and you’re now reaping the rewards? CELEBRATE!

Celebrate the moments, the achievements, the great things, the things you are thankful for…and stop stressing over the little things.

12 thoughts on “Hakuna your tata’s

  1. Emma Birnbaum

    I had never heard this phrase “Hakuna your tata’s” before, but I think it is now my new mantra. I haven’t stopped singing it since I read it!

    Oh beware the angry man in the WRX. An ex-boyfriend’s Dad drove one and was exactly as you described your “haemorrhoid”. Needless to say by the time said ex was also driving a WRX I was loooong gone.

    Great post, I love a life reminder that also makes me laugh 🙂


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