Fit-mas Gift Guide

Did you see what I did there? FIT-mas not CHRISTMAS! I thought that was quite good for someone who is laid up in bed sick…



Gift giving, let’s be honest, makes you feel good when you find something amazing for someone you love – rather than going off the richter with a gazillion options, I decided to focus on just one particular area for the Fitness Fanatic in your life.

Over the next few weeks leading up to Christmas I’ll be showcasing a few pieces and why they work well as a gift for Christmas, a couple of brand new products, a couple that just ‘work’ and then things that make you feel good too!

I’ll delve into each piece however for now here is just a snippet…

Lululemon Swimwear: The perfect pieces for summer, especially Stand Up Paddleboarding.

Kamuka Activewear: Cute, fits well, matchy matchy and perfect for any type of fitness!

Kamuka Yoga MatIt’s thin and easy to carry, it grabs on both sides AND it comes in a range of amazing colours and patterns!

Fit Bit: Focusing on “Challenging yourself” rather than weight loss, I am really learning a lot about this while wearing the new Fit Bit.

Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Speakers: Waterproof, loud, easy to use – the perfect fitness accessory!

Yurbuds wireless earphones: I hate earphones with wires, it actually makes my temper go through the roof. These…are…..AMAZING! WIRELESS!!!!! Need I say more?

So, as previously mentioned, I’ll get into these a little more, and give you all the details and prices, also why they make for the best presents! ALSO…there’s a giveaway….so stick around to hear about that.


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