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I never thought i’d like my butt…but truth is, I really don’t mind it now! My design job requires me to sit on my butt all day every day…which is never good for it! How did I tone my butt? Here are my tips…

  • Squats – try the 30 day squat challenge and just do that as your excercise each day to get you into the rhythm, basically you can crack a nut with your buns if you keep this up! Kinda guaranteed…?
  • Pool runs – add in some aquatics if you can, it’s gentle on your body so won’t end up in injuries, just run in the water (beach/pool) to strengthen the upper thighs and butt. Just avoid anyone wearing goggles!! Your butt is GONNA jiggle under the water!
  • Hip Raises – lie on the floor and raise your hips, slowly bring them down and continue. This looks totally suss so do it alone!!

Quick & easy tips:

  • Use a coffee scrub, coffee will help to reduce the visible signs of cellulite too – it works! Everybody loves this tip!!
  • Grab yourself a pair of trim pins (here) – again, another cellulite reducer
  • Avoid fatty foods, your hips/butt will be the first to gain weight (and gain cellulite), try to stick to a healthier diet – good sugars and fats like fruit, avocado, coconut products etc. (that does not mean cronuts, OMG….cronuts…)

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