Get paid to be healthy? #lazygirlsguidetofitness


8 hrs at work every day, I feel like I am wasting time sitting at my desk the entire day, If you are lucky like me though, your work encourages you to take regular breaks so that you are more productive with your workload.

You might want to start looking at ways to keep your brain/body lively by doing a few things at work, it’s the best time because…c’mon…you’re getting paid!!! PAID TO EXERCISE?! Just a few of my own health and fitness tips that you might want to try…especially through summer/spring.

  • STEP IT UP: Got stairs at work? Perfect! I USED to slide down the banister but after almost breaking my ankle I realised walking up and down them might prove less injuries. Plus, it’s a great way to get your heart pumping. Use the stairs as much as you can, even if it means going the long way to someones desk!
  • WALK IT OUT: If you get an hour lunch break like me, then you’re lucky! Personally, I make sure I take the full hour, simply because that’s your hour to take, and it gives you a nice break in the middle of the day so you can get through the afternoon refreshed. I was wasting my hour sitting in the lunch room, driving to the shops and spending way too much money because I was bored, or falling asleep in the sun. So now I bring my nikes to work and walk around the block. Sometimes I treat myself and walk to a cafe, or get a coffee/smoothie half way through my walk. it doesn’t have to be strenuous just get some sun, flower smelling and fresh air into you for your own mental health! Pump the music in your ears if you need a pick me up.
  • DRINK IT UP: Get yourself a water bottle with a straw in built, you’ll find yourself drinking way more throughout the day with a straw, and if water really isn’t appealing to you (I am in that category) put some citrus wedges in there for an added flavour kick.
  • EAT YOUR WAY THROUGH: Being at work all day, I get hungry, a lot, to be honest my weekends consist of forgetting to eat, where as at work I am surrounded by food ALL DAY LONG! I try to avoid all the birthday cakes and celebrations as much as I can, i’ll treat myself when I want but at the same time I fill my second draw with healthy snacks so that I can at least have the option there when I am really hungry. Nuts, seeds, roasted chick peas and fruit are a good start! (Greek yoghurt, strawberries in the fridge and some honey in the cupboard are a nice after lunch treat)
  • STRETCH LIKE A KANGAROO: Just stretch your arms and legs occasionally, keep the blood flowing so you don’t dose off which…sometimes I have been known to do…
  • PARKER PARKER: If you park at work, then make an effort to park further away so you get that walk in, in the morn and afternoon. If you take the train, maybe think about getting off the stop before or after and walk the rest of the way – or if you live closer to the train station, why not walk there instead of taking the car? Just make sure you wear those kicks instead of heels! I will not be responsible for your blisters!!!!

So, with a few tips and tricks under your belt, you’ll be using that work time wisely and getting paid to do it!! What is your Lazy Girl tip??

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