Get healthy without trying!

Diets are hard. No, really, they are HARD WORK! I know you are told you need to “work hard at it to see results” and yes that may be true but also, I feel like denying our bodies from certain things all the time is also really not that good for you. There are so many fad’s and ways that we all try to lose weight across the world these days, looking for a “quick fix” and trying everything on the market to make sure that you can see results immediately…



Guys…I am sorry, a lot of them are short lived. No matter what diet or fad you try you will no doubt HATE the process at some point, a lot of the time give up, and end up back in your sweat pants eating chips and ice cream on the couch 6 days out of 7. How do I know? Because I have trialled a few of them!

I know it’s hard hitting information to throw at you (possibly, you already know it), but I have great news because this forum is absolutely not a place to tell you the negative side of fitness & health – it’s all positive if it’s looked at with a more easy and laid back approach.

I think we spend our lives obsessing over losing weight that we forget the main goal here – feeling healthy and well and awake! I can’t tell you enough how easy it is when you decide to be healthier – weight loss follows naturally. Being healthy should be a priority at the end of the day and the reason I know this, is because it happened to me. The moment I changed my mindset was the moment that my life (as cheesy as it sounds) changed.

And also…in saying this, if you really are hell bent on immediate results then you may not even be ready for the tips on how I became healthy, you may not want to listen at all. And that’s OK. Because I was like that too – it took me 30 years to get there.

Tomorrow I will be sharing just a few things with you that I did to change how I see my health…it’s easy, effective and long term, it’s not professional advice, but it’s also not hard, and really down to earth. Come back and join me in the conversation.

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