Being Proud of you with Fuji Instax //GIVEAWAY//

Have you ever just been…proud of yourself? And happy to admit it? I know this a totally gushing post but I wanted to show you the importance of just letting go and being proud of YOU! I get so embarrassed by my achievements, I brush off any positive comments because “it’s just natural for me”, but really, I figured I need to be positive to myself, I need to be proud of my achievements and I need to acknowledge what I have done! And mostly…YOU do too… **Giveaway Below**





tribeinstax3The last few months have been so busy for me, setting up my launch of The Jungle Body Tribe, I think because of this, I kept brushing off the things I was doing and I was just so focused on bringing something amazing to Rockingham.

I sat down and reflected over a coffee (by myself) this week, looked over what I had done, who I had contacted and spoken to, how pretty the launch looked, how many people tried Konga for the first time, who was brand new that I had never seen before – I am overwhelmed, slightly nearing tears but really…at the end of the day…super proud of myself for pulling off a successful event by myself (with the support of SOOOO many people who I love). It is so important to let yourself be proud of you, it brings so much confidence and it’s something I don’t think a lot of us do. Now is the time to do it more.

SO…in saying that, with thanks to Fuji Instax who helped make my launch so successful by giving us a Fuji Instax Mini 50S to capture the night with, I am going to give away an AMAZING prize all around “being proud of you”.

The entry is simple, you just need to tell me a time when you were proud of yourself. I want you to acknowledge this, make sure you KNOW that you are amazing and your achievements should be celebrated. It doesn’t have to be huge, it could be as simple as going to a fitness class alone, or sticking to a goal! I want to hear them all guys, now is YOUR time to shine. The entry details are after the photo gallery of our Launch Party…(There is more than 1 way to win too)

Thank you to my stallholders The Beauty Bus, The Juicist, Buff & Polish, Delish Ice, Lorna Jane Rockingham, Up the Ante Project and Fuji Instax.

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Oh and if you were at the launch party use the hashtag #InstaxTribe so that I can see what you got up to!! Good Luck!!!!

24 thoughts on “Being Proud of you with Fuji Instax //GIVEAWAY//

  1. Bethaney Xavier

    I have never had so much fun exercising !!! Thankyou for making my entry back into the fitness world so fun and relaxing 🙂 I was super nervous before we Bahn but as soon as the music came on you got everyone pumping and we all had a blast!! Will definately be joining you every week from now on 😍😍👌👌👌

  2. Jenelle

    I am so proud of you Adelle! I cannot wait to take one of your classes, but I may have a Gwen related song request!! 🙂

    Woo! Uh, I think the most proud I had ever felt was when I walked around the Adelaide Cabaret Festival on opening night and watched as hundreds of punters were enjoying the spaces I had created for them to hang out in, that and having the Festival Theatre full and my set and costume designs on stage with amazing artists and a balloon/ glitter drop- it was all very epic! The performers just bring everything to life and transport people into such a wonderful place, I felt so humbled and proud to be a part of it all.

    Aw, that was nice to reflect on, thanks babe!
    xx Jenelle

    1. Where the styled things are

      Thank you Nelly! I can’t wait to have you along 🙂 I am ABSOLUTELY working on getting a Gwen track in there, i’ll let you know when that happens! (Maybe bathwater LOVE that song)

      OMG yes, I would be proud too, that sounds flipping amazing, I can imagine your face would just have the biggest goofiest smile splattered across it! I hope we can see something like that all together one day that you have created, it sounds like such a massive buzz and to be able to share that with others would be such a great feeling.

      It’s my pleasure lovely, thank you for sharing xoxoxo

  3. Reeva

    I was quite proud of myself last year when I managed to run 5kms! I have never ever been a runner despite trying many many times so it’s a pretty awesome achievement for me!

  4. Allison

    Love this post! I am so proud of you!

    I am proud of ME for going to your launch and not dying!!! I wanted to be there to support you so bad but was dying inside with the thoughts of not being fit enough/thin enough to join you all. My sister bought my ticket and I am SO glad I went, I had so much fun! I have started 2016 consistently walking and working out which is 100% on where I was this time last year. I just spent a $200 birthday voucher on active wear and gym mats and weights!!!! Yay me! Lol

    1. Where the styled things are

      Alli, I am proud of YOU! I love that you came along and gave it a go, and I am grateful for Michelle too! It’s absolutely NOT just for thin, fit, young girls, I am actually super excited that majority of the women at class were older and had NEVER tried it before. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are getting active and that you spent $200 on activewear haha that’s amazing. I am so excited to hear about your progress – the happy fitness endorphins can be so great. xx

  5. lee

    Hi – I’ve just started to read your blog 🙂

    I fell off my bike in the bush and kept going. I’m proud that I didn’t give up or blame something or someone. It’s always so easy to give up when things don’t go to plan.

  6. Jessica

    I’m proud of myself for making it through 2015 in tact. I began a masters degree full time, worked part time, parented my 3 year old full time, moved house, farewelled two grandparents and somehow managed to stay sane! I’m proud of what I achieved academically and career wise, but very thankful that 2016 looks to be of a slower pace! I’m keen to get started again on some health goals and do lots more active and fun things with my family.

    1. Where the styled things are

      WOW Jessica, that is so much for a year! Congratulations on getting through it all – what a huge achievement! I hope you stick around for those health and fitness goals – 2016 this side will be huge and i’d love to help motivate you through that process! You are so amazing xx

      1. Jessica

        Thanks! I love your fitness snippets of instagram. I think “I can do that!” And they’re all easy to do with very little equipment and fit into super busy schedules. So you’re already helping!

  7. Evie Lavers

    Proud begins with the letter P! That was also my biggest achievement to date, I’m proud of overcoming a ten year anxiety stint by passing my driving test on the 19th December 2015, which (finally) gave me the P-Plates.

    Also proud of you kicking arse in Konga which gave me the confindence to attend a class her in Tom Price! First class back this Wednesday Woo Hoo!

    1. Where the styled things are

      Oh Evie – i love your analogy! But also LOVE that you overcame something SO big internally, that is a massive achievement, well done! I AM SOOO glad that I have helped in a little way to gain confidence to go to Konga, I love that you are kicking butt up there in Tom Price! LOVE IT! xx

  8. Judy Gibbs

    I am very proud of myself for caring for my husband the last 10years as he had Alzheimer’s.he passed away last August and I said I was going to do lots of new things in 2016. When I saw you were doing the Konga class I thought that sounds good and I had never done it before. So I went along to give it a go and then saw I was the oldest person in the room, but I did it , and enjoyed it and I survived, so I am very proud that I gave it a go

    1. Where the styled things are

      Hi Judy! I am so very sorry for your loss, what an amazing woman you are sticking by your husband and caring for him in his time of need. I hope that you can find peace in knowing that he is out of suffering now and still watching over you as you hit these amazing goals. I am sure that he is so so proud of you!

      I want to say thank you personally, for coming along to class, giving it a go, and regardless of your age – you did it, I am proud of you!! Konga is for ANYBODY and every week you ladies are going to prove that no matter what your age, shape, size, fitness level or sex even (I want the boys to come along too!) that it’s just time to smile, be happy and keep your mental health and in general health vibrant and alive!! My mum came a couple of weeks ago too and she is 61 and even though she couldn’t hit all the moves…she just went at her own pace and felt great for it. I have seen Konga change people from the inside out, depression levels drop, and happiness open up so many things for people. It certainly helped me in a dark place.

      I hope I see you back, please come chat to me after class more, I love connecting with all of you and hearing your stories, they honestly make what I am doing so worthwhile. I want to arrange a coffee catch up straight after in a few weeks so I will announce it on facebook and at class when I set it all up.

      YOU are amazing, and i am so glad that you overcame a fear to come along and give it a go. Well done xx

      Adelle x


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