Treat Yo’self Monday – How to get FRIZZ FREE HAIR!

Frizzy hair is possibly the┬ábiggest thing I dislike about myself! Especially this time of the year when humidity strikes and all of a sudden my perfectly straight “posh spice” hair turns into a “scary spice” Afro in a matter of seconds when walking out of the door…







Pictured: Bhave Keratin Treatment by Local Colour Hair
(Starts at $280 – lasts up to 5 months – takes out the frizz, keeps in the curl!)

I have naturally frizzy and curly hair and it’s always been something I struggled with…and by struggle I mean “takes 1 hour for hair to look semi OK before walking out the door only for it all to go horribly wrong 30 seconds later”.

SO….In the words of my lovely friend Angeline of Lovethread I decided to have a little TREAT YO SELF moment and get my hair did! Given my “frizz struggle” I gave the Bhave keratin straightening treatment a go with Local Colour Hair in Scarborough.

A treatment I have been wondering about for a while now, a cruelty free process that takes out the frizz but not the curl, so I was happy to trial it. I now have the easiest, quickest hair EVER!

The results? Let me put it into perspective for you….

  1. Hairdryers; on any given day without the treatment, if I was using the hairdryer to dry my hair, my hair would be about 10 cms outwards of my head ALL THE WAY AROUND. Now while I dry my hair it seems to be a lot flatter and sits how it should.
  2. Drying my hair; it now naturally dries within about 5 minutes, not 25 minutes, AND naturally – it dries in a nice curl, not a cruddy frizz ball nest head!
  3. Hair ties; usually when I put my hair up with a lacky I get kinks and my hair gets frizzy (just because what’s new hair? You have a mind of your own) NOW it’s soft and silky? What the hell??? Gobsmacked!
  4. Rain; bring it on rain, pour down on me, I now have super powers in my hair and I DO NOT CARE!
  5. Curls; OK so my curls are not THAT curly right now, admittedly I have gone from a ringlet to a soft wave, however the curl does come back and I am OK with this less curly head especially in summer.
  6. Colour; if you get this treatment, MAKE SURE your colour is done, and the cut is sorted, luckily I was up to date – the treatment actually brightened my blonde too!
  7. Body; given, the first few weeks the body in my hair was a lot more flattened, but after a few washes, it’s back to it’s bouncy self!

Would I recommend it? Absolutely! To be honest I think if I had longer hair and no fringe, it would have impacted me positively even more, that being said, it has definitely been a load off and I have had time to sleep in now because it doesn’t take so long to do my hair. I am totally happy with my Treat Yo’self Monday, and I can’t wait til I have long hair to try this again next summer!

Local Colour Hair BHave Keratin treatment takes around 1.5 hours and starts at $280 (the treatment lasts up to 5 months!) Click this link to go straight to Local Colour Hair and enquire!

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