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amazeballsthumbnailWhen I received the Breville Boss, I quickly became a gun in the kitchen and started experimenting with EVERYTHING, I even got so keen that I started pushing mixtures into the blade with my spatula (without the guard on) and well…spatula is now being found in food from my friends. Oops. (I recommend not doing this!)

In collaboration with Breville, I Am Foods, The Butcher Baker Stylist & Creator, K Gets Organised, Kate & Abel and MANY 6160 I finally created my first recipe e-book “AMAZEBALLS” – 10 easy bliss balls. This has been a few months in the making, testing, tasting (lots of tasting – thanks work mates and family), fails, successes – let it be known that nothing was wasted, except those raspberry choc balls, they were nasty!!

My main aim though was to come up with snacks that were SO easy to make and took anywhere from 5-8 minutes. I am still kind of shocked that I came up with these myself considering my track record on bad food making (cue the pumpkin soup that my family pretended to like even though it tasted like a salt mine).

Now it’s time to get your free AMAZEBALLS e-book, all you have to do is subscribe to the blog and it will come up as an automatic thank you and download. Head back to the homepage HERE scroll to the bottom, put your name and e-mail in and hit subscribe, check your spam after just in case but you know the drill once you get the e-mail from me, say yes and you will be redirected to your free e-book. If you manage to try any of these please use the hashtag #WTSTAamazeballs across social media, I’d love to regram some of your shots!

NB: Subscribing will not mean you will be spammed either, you will get a weekly round up and an occasional freebie like the e-book! So, that’s it! It’s like Christmas, you spend all this time preparing then BAM it’s over in a day!

Oh…check out the video below – you can see Jess from The Butcher Baker Stylist & Creator at work… (HAPPY BALLING!)


3 thoughts on “FREE E-book – Amazeballs Launch!

  1. Raychael aka Mystery Case

    Looks fantastic. I’ve just finished the 28 day low sugar lifestyle program with my little family and our taste buds have been looking for healthy snack alternatives. We’ve been experimenting with bliss balls, so looking forward to casing your ebook. I’m pretty sure I’m already a subscriber to your blog. Do I need to resubscribe?


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