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Raw Vegan Cherry-Choc Cheesecake

Oh sweet cheesecake! Something that lactose intolerant and vegan’s cannot enjoy, thank god for raw vegan cheesecakes though (I am finally entering full on legit hippy stage right now while I chow down on VEGAN AND RAW CHEESECAKE GUYS!!!

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Breakfast Porridge Squares

Porridge is more known as a winter breakfast? To make your belly warm on those chilly mornings…

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Healthy Peanut Butter Squares

It’s like I only just discovered Peanut Butter lately….

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Healthy Coffee Shake //Fresh One Coffee//

A healthier, more summery coffee alternative is what I was craving this weekend when the sun was streaming down on my back and the hot coffee in front of me just seemed a little too…well….hot…

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Healthy Turkish Delight Coffee recipe – Fresh One Coffee

A mix between my two favourite things, coffee and Turkish delight…

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Healthy Vanilla Slice Recipe

I prefer raw desserts…mostly because there’s no baking involved and the recipes always take under half an hour. Slowly I am redesigning the full fat/sugar desserts into more healthier options so that when I need a sweet fix, I have the natural approach at hand.

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Lunch Ladies Lunch Money!

My Mum tried to reinvent lunches for us many times, I think it was down to the fact that she couldn’t afford to buy us lunch like all the other kids in school so she tried to make her own cheesies and pizza for us to eat in the playground instead.

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Raw Salted Caramel Slice Recipe

Truth be told, I really don’t like caramel slice. It’s too sweet, full of stuff I don’t usually eat and just way down on my list of “treats”, however I decided to give this one a go because it’s the “better option” but still a treat in itself. I reworked a previous recipe to suit […]

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Win THE BOSS (worth $999) with Amazeballs

**Sponsored by Breville** (THE BREVILLE BOSS) Remember the Amazeballs E-book? Full of healthy and tasty bliss balls with the intention to make desserts in the form of balls! It’s still available when you subscribe HOWEVER…it now comes with an added bonus. I have collaborated with Breville to bring you a chance to win “THE BOSS BLENDER” […]

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Frozen Yoghurt Bark (Healthy Recipe)

It’s not often that you’ll come to my house and the freezer is full of snacks of the healthy variety. This recipe definitely ticks the box of “Quick and Easy” just the way I like it.

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