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Entering into “Mum Clothing” territory… //Sportsluxe with W Lane//

Wearing W Lane Jumper | Lorna Jane shorts | Kate & Abel satchel Shot on location at MANY 6160 Fremantle roof top Sponsored by Rockingham Shopping Centre I whole heartedly put my hand up and admit that I avoid most “Mum” shops, also known as “Nanna clothing stores”, sometimes something catches my eye and I […]

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Work it, Sweat it!: Lululemon (#12daysofswimwear)

LULULEMON 2 PIECE  Hair by 501 Hair Lounge | Tan by Sitting Pretty Salon When you can get up at sparrows fart, throw on your swimmers, go for a run, then run INTO the beach (take shoes off – of course), come home, dive into the pool, dry off, clean the house then maybe do […]

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Eye of the Tiger: Kini Swimwear (#12daysofswimwear)

 KINI SWIMWEAR | COLETTE HAYMAN ACCESSORIES NECKLACE | 501 HAIR LOUNGE HAIR I’m always drawn to leopard print, I thought for the last 2 years maybe it was the fact that I hit 30 and possibly started treading waters into “cougar status” but I kicked that idea in the butt pretty quickly because I realised […]

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One Summer: Claremont Quarter (#12daysofswimwear)

 Top & Pants from Brownies @ Claremont Quarter | Shoes from Betts Darryl Braithwaite…yeah…it’s my dirty little secret, along with Phil Collins and UB40, they’re bands that I haven’t got in my playlists, but when they slam them on Channel V or the radio, I crank those tunes up to at least number 30 on the […]

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Where the wild roses grow: Lululemon (#12daysofswimwear)

LULULEMON SHANTI 2 PIECE Hair by 501 Hair Lounge | Tan by Sitting Pretty Salon Lululemon: formerly known as “yoga attire experts” but more commonly known in designing swimwear, and creating pieces that are inspired by the region. For instance, they have swimwear in the Enex100 store which are taken from images of the Great Barrier Reef! […]

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Steel Panther: Pure Moda (#12daysofswimwear)

PURE MODA PANTERA ONE PIECE  Hair by 501 Hair Lounge | Tan by Sitting Pretty Salon Are one pieces a 90’s fashion thumbs up? In my opinion yes! Did most things from the 90’s rock harder than steel? Why yes, I’ll agree with myself there too, when things such as the Fresh Prince of Bel […]

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Hawaiian Nights: Piping Hot (#12daysofswimwear)

  PIPING HOT VENICE DREAMER BIKINI | Hair extensions by 501 Hair Lounge | Spray Tan by Sitting Pretty Salon There’s nothing better than an outside shower on sunset, but to make things even more special have an old man sit a mere 10 or so metres away from you and stare with a really […]

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Baby you’re a firework: Big W (#12daysofswimwear)

BIG W 2 PIECE | SPRAY TAN – SITTING PRETTY SALON WARNBRO Hey lovers and dreamers, 2015 is here and as I write this with blue and pink colour still fresh in my hair from shooting these photos, and not EVEN a hangover thanks to the coconut water I mixed with vodka and lime last night […]

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The emergence of Nike as a streetwear brand

Those that know me, understand my tomboy tendencies, a lifetime of growing up in a small country town it was a necessity for me to work on my birds nest hair and never brush it – adding a cap made it all better, wear 4 day old t-shirts with stains, and to of course make […]

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Perth Op Shops – my tick off list!

I use a couple of Perth Op Shop list guides on the internet, however a LOT of them are out-dated and I find myself looking at the front of something that isn’t in fact a Vinnies that was listed after I just took the half an hour drive! So I am in the process of […]

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