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Progress – 1 year on – #lazygirlsguidetofitness

Wearing: Cotton On Body Bikini | Body Fashion Metallic Tattoos Almost a year ago I kicked off a complete change in life…no it wasn’t the lemon detox diet, an unhealthy replacement diet, or fad diet. Who the hell wants to suck back on a lemon for a week?? Or starve yourself?? C’mon guy, I love food way […]

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Common sense fitness – #lazygirlsguidetofitness

Wearing Hello Parry Leopard Print Fitness Pants As much as I had a laugh at the thought of these ideas with work mates, I actually saw some truth in them and how they could actually work…so I trialed them, well slap my face and call me Lorna – they work! It’s not often you’ll see me […]

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Get paid to be healthy? #lazygirlsguidetofitness

8 hrs at work every day, I feel like I am wasting time sitting at my desk the entire day, If you are lucky like me though, your work encourages you to take regular breaks so that you are more productive with your workload.

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Swap don’t Stop: The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Fitness

The amazing SWAP IT DON’T STOP IT campaign that ran through all media avenues a few years ago really sent out a great message, and it was one that stuck with me to use, years later! I don’t want to give up chocolate, that is my happy food, and who am I to deny my […]

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The Lazy Girls Guide to Fitness!

Hands up who LOVES exercise!!!!! I say that with the least amount of enthusiasm in my voice because, I am NOT that girl who loves to just smash out 200 burpees at the gym, then lift some god awful weights. No, absolutely not! Put your damn flexy muscles away please!!! I am more of a […]

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