Fitness Trends for 2016

Fitness trends come and go, however for me I take every year with a different approach, try as much as you can to see what you love, because changing up your fitness regime is important, and fun. Your body can get used to certain moves so a constant change helps to continue building muscle and it also helps with your brain too – you want to constantly challenge it by learning!





Pictured – Fit Club Perth

The latest trends in the fitness industry for 2016 are around a few key avenues…

  • Using your bodyweight as a tool
  • Water sports
  • Group fitness classes
  • Streaming fitness programs via Skype/periscope
  • Retail fitness (via Lorna Jane or Lululemon)
  • Dance inspired classes
  • Self Defence
  • Fitness for seniors are getting bigger and bigger
  • Group sports

A lot of these are around the idea of “belonging” to a community and getting fit with friends. I have researched a lot of different classes you can look in to over 2016 – giving you a different outlook on what you can try.

Basically, grab a friend and give something a go, if you don’t do it, you won’t know if you love it…here are some ideas…

  • VYPA – Inspired by Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Cage fighting, Capoeira, Plyometrics and Sport Specific Training, to rad tunes.
  • BURN –  A one of a kind Choreographed Dumbbell Sculpt Workout. BURN! Takes 1.5kg – 2.5kg Dumbells in each hand & fuses this with movements that are dance inspired which will shape, sculpt & improve your muscle tone in your Upper Body & Core.
  • JAGUA –  A body conditioning class that may help build flexibility, muscle strength, muscle tone and endurance in the legs, abdominals, arms, hips, and back, also to rad tunes.
  • ChairFit – transforming a simple chair into a workout bench, bumping and grinding your way through 30 minutes (continuous) of core, flexibility and strength training to a DJ mix of the sexiest beats from the decades.
  • AFL for Women – A little more tomboyish but that’s why I like the idea, getting rough out on a field, admittedly you will get SO fit running the field and tackling other women!
  • SUP Yoga – Yoga on a board, on the water, surrounded by dolphins? It SOUNDS hard…but it isn’t, it strengthens your core and helps with balance.
  • Boxing – Boxing training provides one of the most demanding full body workouts of any sport. Boxing will increase muscle tone, lower body fat, improve reflexes and upper body strength.
  • Waveshape – Available online as a download –  including 12 brand new videos in three categories: endurance, power and core. Whether you’re seeking the strength and agility to excel in the water, or want to create the long, lean shape of a surfer’s physique, the workout will help you achieve your goals.
  • Indoor Rowing – Keep an eye on this one, it is startign to get big in Australia but I am yet to find a Perth studio. It uses virtually every muscle in the body, in most cases through the full range of movement of those muscles.
  • Martial Arts Brazilian jiu jitsu, Myua Thai, strength and conditioning, If you want to improve your health and fitness, learn self defence, or master one of the forms of martial arts, this gym is perfect!
  • Female Soccer – Be part of a team! This website gives you a list of teams that you can be part of in WA.

Belonging to a community (or tribe) is such an amazing positive for individuals, being held accountable keeps you going, and being able to laugh with friends while you workout is so great for your mental health.

I urge you to come back next week where I explore the endless possibilities of trying new classes…I have a something so good to share with you!!!!

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